Adopting a Pet from the Local Shelter

There are many animals out there waiting for a good home, but how do you know which warm and cuddly creature you want to take home, and how do you know it’s a good fit with your family?

Beyond figuring out what type of pet will fit best in your family, you have to consider an animal’s personality.  Checking out the animals from the shelters website, especially if it is not close to your home, is a great start.  Any shelter that has their animals on site or in foster care can give you a good idea as to what the animal’s personality is like.  

When you do find an animal that you think would be a good match, you are best to go out and visit the animal.  Most places will have a room where you can go and meet with the animal and see what it thinks of you, and you of it.  Be aware that the animal may ignore you, as this room is going to be filled with all sorts of scents and other interesting things.  Make sure that everyone in the household comes to the meet, so they can all have input.

Once you make a decision, you will likely have to fill out some paperwork with the shelter.  You likely want to check out the policies before you ever come to the shelter, but make sure you clarify with the staff on anything you may not be sure about.  Be ready to provide information about your home and how suitable it will be, as well as whether you rent or own.  If you rent, you may have to provide a letter of permission from your landlord.  Make sure you know if there are any rules about neutering/spaying the animal, if it hasn’t been done already and if there is a time frame.

You will want to make sure that you already have the items you need to welcome your new house mate that same day.  A crate, some food, and a few toys will get you started.  Of course, there are some other specifics depending on your animal.  A stop can always be made at the local pet store on the way home, provided someone is able to stay in the care with your new pet.  Some stores will allow the animal in, if you get a leash for them right away.

A new pet can make your life very fulfilling and create such happiness.