Animal Lover Gift Ideas

Animal lovers have been around for ages but now seem to be popping up everywhere and declaring themselves.  Many just love to watch and learn about other creatures while some are “animal rightist”, claiming the same rights for animals as humans have.  Everyone knows and animal lover.  The nice thing about an animal lover is that they are easy to get gifts, just follow an animal theme!

Books, calenders or framed pictures are all available and range from the really humorous to some amazing photographs of very rare animals (and some fantastic photos of common animals as well).  Book selections can range from fantasy series such as the Redwall series by Brian Jacques to “Animal Watching Books to technical novels on how animals live and survive in the wild.

Then there is always the option of getting a pet for the animal lover.  If this is your choice you need to consider several things.  First, is there already a pet in the household?  Next, is there enough room and will the person have time for the animal? Also, is anyone else in the household that might have problems with the pet, such as allergies?  Pets sound like an ideal gift, but not always!

There is also animal clothing, and that can be taken several ways.  A true animal lover will probably not want something made from animal hides, but a shirt with a picture of their favorite creature would not go astray!  Animal clothing has been around for decades, think about the “Poodle Skirts” in the 1950’s!  There are also animals lover hats, bunny slippers, and fashion accessories such as handbags.

You can also think about clothing for the animal lover’s pet. Something for the pet is always appreciated and often more so than for the owner.  There are warm sweaters for dogs on those cold winter nights and kittens actually hide in large socks and mittens.  You can check at any pet shop and the attendant will help you find something appropriate,

That animal rightist/animal lover would probably appreciate a membership and magazine subscription for organization such as PETA, People for Ethical Treatment of Animals.  Giving money in the animal lover’s name will show that you respect their beliefs and life style.  You can also get them a vegetarian cookbook as they are likely to be Vegans and cooking vegetables new ways is always handy.

Gifts for the animal lover, they are everywhere!