Antartica Animals

Antarctica may have some of the coldest weather on the hemisphere but many animals find it as their home and love the cold, in fact many cannot live without it and have migrated to this icy area of our earth! Many of the wild life that makes their home here include whales, birds, smaller mammals, crustaceans, and even insects! Here is a down play on some of the most unique and known animals that find their homes in the chilly land.

There are about seventeen species of penguins living in the arctic. That is more than other cold places across the world. One of these is the chinstrap penguin, a penguin with a large number that lives all along the ice sheaths. They had big black feathers from both sides of their ears and waddle a bit faster from other species. There is also the little blue penguins, called this because of their dark blue feathers, as well as their short stature among other penguins. And of course there are the emperor penguins, king penguins, and royal penguins.

Plenty of seals make their home here as well, the most common being the sea lion. The fur seal is also abundant and has less predators than the fur seals along Canada and Alaska. The southern elephant seal finds its home here as well, with them being one of the most aggressive types of seals. The rare Ross seal is also dwelled, being a small and grey colored seal that makes its home on the ice and far away islands in the winter.

There are not many species of birds here, but gulls and albatross are the easiest to spot. One of the most rare birds living here is the Skua, a large bird who builds its home on shallow ground holes. The Orca whale is said to have originated in Antarctica, and Sperm whales migrate through here on occasion. Another type of whale is the Minke whale, weighing up to 10 tons, their diet consists of all krill. They can also be found all the way by Japan. There are not many insects here that can survive such a cold but many mites and lice make their homes on plenty of animals. Many moths, up to 200,000 types can be found here as well which is an astonishing number. Crustaceans such as lobsters and hermit crabs can also be found in the icy waters. The Arctic is a wonderful and surreal place full of life, despite what people may say.