ASPCA: Overview of pet insurance

Just as you protect your loved ones against the unexpected with insurance polices, you can also protect your beloved pets with pet insurance coverage. Pet insurance works in the same way as it does for its human counterparts; you purchase insurance coverage to help with the costs associated with unforeseen illnesses or accidents. Finding the right coverage requires some research.

The American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (ASPCA) provides excellent pet insurance options for the ultimate in health care coverage.

What is pet insurance

Pet insurance is just like the insurance you purchase for your own health. You want to protect your pet against the unexpected such as accidents or illnesses. With pet insurance coverage, you are buying peace of mind knowing that when the unexpected happens, the costs associated with getting your pet back to health are covered.

Why do I need pet insurance

Veterinarian costs have nearly doubled in the last decade. There are increasing treatment options available to deal with diagnosing and treating a variety of illnesses. Many veterinarians now use magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) machines similar to human health care providers. All of this modern and sophisticated equipment costs you money when seeking health care for your pet.

Why choose ASPCA coverage

As innovators and leaders in animal welfare for over a century, the ASPCA understands the deep emotional attachment you have to your pet. Many pet owners feel their pets are valued members of the family. As a pet owner, you want to know your best friend will get the best medical care in the event of an unexpected accident or illness.

The ASPCA also knows that during good and bad economic times, you want the best insurance coverage at a price you can afford. That is why the ASPCA pet insurance plan offers four levels of superior insurance coverage options designed to fit all budgets. Coverages start as low as $7.50 per month (per pet); you receive 80 percent of your money back; and you just pay a low $100 deductible per year.

ASPCA levels of pet insurance

Level 1 – Lifesaving Accident Coverage. This basic level of care is to help cover the costs of nursing your pet back to health should they be accidentally injured. Any costs associated with the accident including x-rays, hospitalization, surgery, and lab tests are usually covered under this package. Note that costs associated with an illness are not covered under this plan.

Level 2 – Illness Coverage: This next level offers to cover the costs associated with an illness such as surgery and hospitalization in addition to the accidental coverage costs of Level 1. Your pet will be covered for any illnesses that are newly diagnosed, such as cancer or diabetes, but not illnesses that have already been present.

Level 3 – Wellness Coverage: At this level, additional coverages are offered along with those at Levels 1 and 2. With the Wellness Coverage plan, you get rabies vaccinations, spaying or neutering, distemper vaccinations, heartworm testing, and an annual physical exam. This helps cover the ongoing costs of preventing new illnesses from occurring.

Level 4 – Wellness Plus Coverage: This is the most comprehensive package that offers all previously listed options, plus the added benefits of annual dental cleanings, lime vaccinations, and flea and heartworm tests. At this level, you know you have the best insurance possible to protect your pet against most unexpected accidents and illnesses.

As well, you can also purchase Continuing Care Option Coverages. These additional endorsements help you deal with chronic conditions such as cancer, diabetes, allergies, osteoarthritis, and other serious illnesses.

What about my veterinarian

One of the best features you get with ASPCA pet insurance is that you can choose your veterinarian. Stay with your current pet health care provider and reduce the stress for you and your pet that comes with having to go to a new provider. As long as your veterinarian is properly licensed in the United States or Canada, you have complete control over who looks after your pet.

Part of being a responsible and loving pet owner means being ready to look after your pet when the unexpected happens. With pet insurance, you can focus on getting your best friend back to their healthy self without the added burden of expensive medical bills. With ASPCA pet insurance, you get some of the best coverage at a price that suits you.