Australias most Dangerous Animals

Australia’s wildlife is definitely very diverse. The variety of species that live there is truly incredible, and although you will find that there are some seriously odd yet amazing animals in Australia, you’ll also find many dangerous ones. So, if you plan on going into the Australian outback unprotected, think again. Even though most animals won’t go through the trouble of hunting you down, the deadly and poisonous ones probably won’t hesitate to hurt you if you get in their way . . . so beware. 

There are actually several dangerous animals that call Australia their home. One of the most deadly is the box jellyfish. This species has a very, very powerful venom, and its sting is not only painful, but it’s also got the power to kill someone in a matter of minutes. If you ever get stung by a box jellyfish, apply vinegar right away, and then take out the tentacles. However, medical attention is still necessary after the tentacles are removed.

Another extremely dangerous animal is the taipan. It’s also called the fierce snake, and is only one of many deadly snakes in Australia, along with the brown snake and the tiger snake. It only bites people when it feels threatened, but its venom is so strong that it could kill a hundred people with just one bite!

The saltwater crocodile is another creature to be wary of. This croc’s actually the largest reptile in the world, at around fifteen to twenty feet. This animal’s seriously good at camouflage, and it can strike very quickly – two factors that allow it to completely surprise its prey.

Another deadly animal is the blue ring octopus. It’s very small – almost the size of a golf ball – but there’s no known cure for its venom. This octopus can cause motor paralysis and eventually heart failure. The stone fish is also a very dangerous sea creature, as its venom can cause shock, paralysis, and even tissue death.

Of course, no “dangerous animals” list is complete without arachnids. Australia’s red back spider’s venom causes severe pain and possibly death, while the funnel web spider also has a powerful venom, and can even get into shoes and fingernails.

Australia is home to many more deadly animals as well. There, you can find great white sharks, the drop bear, lethal Barrier Reef cone shells, scorpion fish, and the cassowary, the world’s most dangerous bird. However, as scary as these creatures sound, Australia is an extremely beautiful place with some seriously amazing wildlife. Just be wary of them when you visit!