Behavior Traits of Rabbits

Bunnies are such entertaining little creatures! One of the most adorable and endearing traits that rabbits have is to “binkie”. Don’t ask me why it’s called that, I have no idea. To Binkie, is to get an uncontrollable burst of energy that one way or another just HAS to be let out, which results in a random leap into the air, and a twist of the neck, and then swivel of the hips. Hard to imagine right? Check it out on youtube!

Another really cute thing that rabbits do is “flop”. When they’re comfortable in their environment and relaxed they tend to do this half way sort of flip sideways and bam, their little bodies hit the floor for some definite R&R. My rabbits, in preparation for a flop, tend to dig rather incessantly into the floor before hand. It’s a hardwood floor mind you, so what they think they’re accomplishing I have no clue. It’s just one of their rituals. If your bunny flops you should feel proud in knowing that you’re giving him or her a good home. The prey animal in them says to never expose their stomach, so obviously if they flop, then you’ll know you’re rabbit loves it’s home and is beyond comfortable in your presence. It’s an honor.

The digging that domestic rabbits do is exactly what their wild cousins do to make their warren. They dig tunnels that connect with other tunnels, that take them here and there, and who knows what else. I’ve never actually seen one. I guess that’s the point though right? Prey animals don’t want to be seen. I bet they’ve got they’re own little set up down there similar to New York’s subway station. Imagine that.

If you have a rabbit you should make a tunnel for him/her and see what happens! Your bunny will most likely be very intrigued, and spend time going through the tunnel, back and forth.

Another trait that domestic rabbits share with wild rabbits is the attraction that they have to long narrow tubular shaped items aka electrical wires. Electrical wires are apparently reminiscent of roots from grass/plants/etc that can found within a rabbit warren in the wild. It’s amazing that they’ve carried so many of those instincts along with them into domestication. Aside from cord chewing being annoying and damaging, it can actually be very hazardous and even fatal to a bunny. Be sure to keep all electrical wires out of reach!