Best Automatic Litter Box

Before looking for the BEST automatic litter box you must think about your cat, your home and price. Cats are not very social, but are very loving, but each one is different. The owner is most likely the closest person to the cat and would know the cat best so before you get a litter box, think about your cats personality. Most people don’t really get how a cat’s personality plays into getting a litter box, but if you think about it you’ll see how it works. If you have a shy cat and prefer the house quiet and don’t have much space in your home, the best automatic litter box for you is LitterMaid Elite Basic Automatic Self-cleaning Litter Box ($119.99). It does make some noise, but it’s like when you flush the toilet. At least you’ll know when your cats goes to the bathroom! If you have a shy cat and don’t mind the noise the CatGenie 120 Cat Litter Box ($269.99) should be a good choice for you. If you have a cheeky cat and space (this one is a favorite because you don’t have to get a filter thing every time which those really add up!) PetSafe Simply Clean Litter Box System [($99.99) is a good deal!], it might scare your cat if you have a wary/shy cat so only get this if you know your cat won’t be afraid. Besides you can always return it if it doesn’t work out, but returning is always a hassle so it’s best to just go once and get the right thing.

Even though it takes a little more space then an ordinary litter box, automatic litter boxes are a good choice for someone with little or no time to clean a litter box or maybe you just hate the task to clean a litter box. Whatever your reason for getting an automatic litter box, you must remember that it doesn’t mean you can completely stop changing the litter box; it’s just going to help you by not needing to clean everyday, but you must still monitor and change it every once in a while.

Also when you shop you don’t have to shop at major pet shops, but Petco and Petsmart are good places to shop if you have them around where you live. Go visit one because they usual have a good variety of automatic litter boxes. They basically have the same thing, but Petsmart is usually cheaper which is good because everyone wants to save money, but Petco has better quality and if you wish to get a good one that will last awhile and save money, Petco is a good place to go. If you don’t have Petco or Petsmart around where you live buy it online, but read carefully. Any local pet shops should have some automatic litter boxes so just look around! PetSafe Simply Clean Litter box System is the best in this writers  opinion!