Best Cat Shampoo

As a rule, cats hate baths and so do cat owners.  If you have ever given a cat a bath you know what a struggle it can be.  Some cats like baths but they are far and few between.  For the most part cats are very clean creatures.  They constantly clean themselves throughout the day.  However, sometimes a cat will get into something that makes it impossible to avoid a bath. And when that happens you want to use a shampoo that is gentle to the cat’s skin and coat while getting it clean.

There are many choices of cat shampoos available at pet stores, department stores, online and even at the grocery store.  The first thing to check on the cat shampoo for the ingredients to ensure that there is nothing that is harmful to the cat.  This may seem like a strange thing to do, but some shampoos can be harsh to the cat’s skin.  Ideally the cat shampoo should contain no perfumes, artificial dyes, or phosphates.  Choose a cat shampoo that has natural ingredients such as aloe vera.

One of the cat shampoos available is Clean-cat.  This shampoo contains catnip, which can relax the cat and make the bath less stressful.  It is a natural herbal shampoo that is made up of natural herbs including chamomile, which is also known for its calming properties.  This shampoo does not dry out the skin, which is important when bathing your cat.

Earthbath for cats is another totally natural cat shampoo.  All the ingredients are biodegradable and are healthy for both your cat and the earth.  This shampoo is mild enough that it can be used on kittens as young as six weeks.  It contains vitamin E and aloe vera in a purified water base.

If you have a cat that suffers from a skin condition that makes it itch all the time, the Four Paws Organic Citrus Shampoo may be the best choice for you.  It will even soothe the itchiness from fleabites.  This is another all-natural ingredient shampoo with no harmful ingredients.  It also features a citrus smell that leaves your cat smelling fresh.

Another good shampoo for cats with itchy skin is Scratchy Cat Shampoo.  No cat lover likes to see their cat sitting and scratching all the time.  This shampoo is all natural with ingredients like tea tree oil and aloe vera to relieve the itching and heal the cat’s skin.

The USDA National Organic Program has certified Dr. Bronners Cat Shampoo as being totally organic.  This cat shampoo contains no harmful ingredients such as chemicals and is very mild.  Since there are no perfumes in this cat shampoo there is no scent left behind.

Shaggy Cat Shampoo is a great shampoo that is designed for longhaired cats.  It helps to prevent tangling and matting when you give your longhaired cat a bath.  It is an all natural product with vitamin E, jojoba oil and aloe vera. It is a soothing shampoo that will feel good on your cat’s skin.

These are just a few of the all natural shampoos available for your cat friend.  Like all pet care products what is best for your cat is the one that works well for you and your pet.  By choosing an all natural shampoo you eliminate the problems that chemical containing cat shampoos cause.  The best way to choose the best cat shampoo is to try several products and see what gives you the best result.