Best Toys for Pet Rats

Rats can be truly underrated and misunderstood pets. They’re not just lab specimens anymore, rats as pets date back to the 1800s when rat catchers began to appear in order to contain the overpopulation of the species. Rats carry no more diseases than a cat or dog but the stigma around them still remains. They can be a great pet for kids, people with limited space or just someone who wants a new type of pet to care for. Naturally, you’ll need to provide your pet with some entertainment. A companion for him or her is the best solution but there are a number of other avenues you can try if that’s not an option.

Nature ball

If you’ve ever cared for any rodent you most likely noticed one thing in particular, they chew. On the bars, on their houses, toys, anything they can get their teeth on they’re sure to take a nibble on. A nature ball is generally made with all natural material. Sometimes a bell is inside. This provides a nice toy for your rat to chew on without having to worry about anything harmful in it. They’re relatively cheap, costing only $2.99 on this website. They can also be purchased in PetSmart stores for slightly more.


Rats love to run almost as much as they like to chew but not every owner will have the time or space to provide adequate activity for their rat. Like any other rodent a wheel is almost a necessity. Any wheel will do, just stay away from wire mesh as a component because they can cause serious cuts on the rats’ feet.


Really, this is a rat toy lying right around your house. They likely won’t last long due to rapid shredding but that’s part of the fun. Toilet paper tubes, cardboard boxes or dividers, rats can and will spend hours nibbling, dragging and tearing at the stuff. To stay on the safe side, use only plain cardboard. Do not use any with colored or black inks. No research has been done on the effects but it’s always better to keep your pets safe.


A natural chew toy with a little treat hidden inside, hard shelled nuts will keep your buddy busy for a while, gnawing away at the shell to get to the prize inside. Nuts should be given in moderation; they’re generally very high in fats.

Finding a toy for your pet rat can be as easy or as hard as you want it to be. Many expensive or commercial toys are available but that shouldn’t stop you from making things yourself or finding new ways to entertain your pet. Just be sure when doing so there’s no danger. Utilize the internet if you’re unsure of something or contact your veterinarian.