Care Tips for Outdoor Rabbits

I prefer to raise my rabbits outside, let’s face it, they have a lot of waste and it stinks very badly. I did try to keep a rabbit indoors, she had fun running around the house, and playing with our dogs. She never caught on to the purpose of a litter box, and was placed in our shed. We also had a lot more flies in the house, when my rabbit’s cage was indoors. Maybe you will have better luck with your rabbit inside, for me I prefer my rabbits outside.

I currently have two rabbits outside, they are very happy and healthy. Here are a few tips for caring for outdoor rabbits:

1. What type of floor is in your cage? Rabbits are alright on wire bottom, but need a place to rest that is wood or soft floor. You can place a piece of wood in the cage. Or like my cage, the back quarter has a wooden house for shelter. The pads of your rabbits feet can get sore if they are on wire or wood all the time.

2. Does your cage have a shelter? Can your rabbit go inside an enclosed area of the cage? This is important for weather conditions, warmth and safety. If your rabbit has no where to go out of cold damp weather, they can get colds and illness.

3. Water bowl or Bottle? I prefer the water bottles, they are enclosed and debris and bugs can’t get into my rabbits water supply. My rabbits can not knock over the bottle, and spill the contents. My father-in-law uses water bowls for his rabbits, and they seem to do just fine. My opinion is how often are you going to check on your rabbits? I feed, water and play with my rabbits once a day. If I used a water bowl, I would be checking in on them very often, to make sure they still had water.

4. Are you in a cold weather climate? During winter months, your rabbit will need hay or straw, and an enclosed area away from the cold air. Years ago, one of my rabbits suffered frostbite to her ear. I have found some economical and practical rabbit cages at our local Farm and Feed store, they also sell rabbits.

5. Be aware that rabbits like to chew, I have already had to replace a couple of boards on my rabbit hutch. Check your hutch or cage often, rabbits can chew or destroy the wood, and possibly escape. There are commercial chew sticks for rabbits, or throw in a cob of feed corn.

Just remember the right cage or hutch, plenty of food and water. Protection from the cold in the winter, and your rabbit should live a long healthy and happy life.