Caring for a dwarf rabbit

Rabbits are a very popular pet, mostly among children, but has become increasingly popular for anyone who thinks tending to a smaller animal would be easier than a cat or dog. This can be the case sometimes, as well as having a rabbit being difficult too.

Dwarf rabbits are a very tiny form of a house rabbit, and they need some gentle caring for and some proper nutrition to keep up with their tiny little bodies. Here are some care tips to help you keep up with your dwarf bunny or if you ever want one.

Get the right housing 

Although they are small, this does not mean that they need a smaller area space. Dwarf rabbits prefer a large play pen; you can keep this as their home with bedding on the side as well as a litter box if you wish to train them to housebreak.

The most common form of a playpen should be large enough for them to walk all across in and hop to and fro. If you want a playpen plus a cage, get a medium- sized cage that is only used for nap time, do not get anything too small or the rabbit will feel confined.

Give the right food 

Rabbit food pellets are healthy for dwarf bunnies and they need a good supply in a cup in their playpen. They will also feed on lettuce, spinach, carrots (too many carrots are bad for rabbits contrary to belief), parsley, and even dandelions!

Dwarf bunnies need fresh water at all times, be sure to have it ready for them in a small bottle and make sure it is not too warm. They will also enjoy eating some apple as a treat, just do not give it to them every time!

Provide toys 

Dwarf rabbits love chewing on things so maybe give them an old book to chew and play with, as odd as it sounds. Some toilet paper rolls provide a fun, little tunnel, paper towel rolls make it twice as fun. Give them baby teething toys as well, they love to chew on everything they can get, so these are aptly so.

Dwarf rabbits also love human attention, picking up and cupping your little bunny will actually make it happy and it might make a small purring noise, falling asleep. Never forget to interact with your small, new friend, this is one of the most common mistakes people make with a bunny; they get too lonely.