Caring for Mini Lop rabbits

Caring for certain types of rabbits is often easier said than done, that is of course if you have no idea how to care for a rabbit! Rabbits are actually easy to care for and provide a lot of fun and difference than caring for a dog or cat.

One of the breeds that is a bit easier to care for is the Mini Lop rabbit. These rabbits are very tiny and can weigh up to just seven pounds. They have an extremely cute look and have long, floppy ears. These mini lops are particularly popular with children as well as adults. One interesting characteristic is that they are easy to train as well and can perform tricks like a cat or dog, they can even be litter boxed trained! Mini lops are a great starter pet because of this.

One thing to note is that mini lops are much like cats, they also like to be independent so be sure to keep them around only when you sense that they wish to have human contact. Besides this, they are very easy to feed as their diet is not much different compared to other breeds of rabbits. They enjoy grass and hay the most, as well as any type of vitamin drop treat you will give them. They also need their water bottle ready at all times since they tend to get very thirsty especially after vigorous playing.

They love to exercise! Make sure they have a very large catch to pounce around in and if you have a large backyard, that is also wonderful! Be sure to have a fence to keep them in so they don’t run off somewhere and always keep your eye on them, even hold them at times to be sure there are no predators around willing to take them from you.

Although they tend to clean themselves it sure is nice to give them a proper bath. Wash them gently in the sink and they will most likely cave in and enjoy it. If however they do not like it, make sure they don’t jump out as you lather them!

Mini lops need proper care or else they will definitely turn lazy so the main care tips for these rabbits are plenty of water, food, exercise, their own space, and baths. When keeping these tips in mind you will have no problem keeping a mini lop happy and healthy!