Cat Breed Facts American Ringtail

The American Ringtail cat breed originally called the Ringtailed Sing-A-Ling is still very new less than five years old. The history of the cat is very interesting a woman named Sue Manley, was brought a tiny little orphaned kitten weighting under a pound she named him Solomon, he required around the clock care and hand feeding. When he was a few months old she noticed that his tail curled around and formed a complete circle.

The first litter of American Ringtail kittens was born in 2004, after five years of researching and with the help of another breeder Beth Gardner
The two women created a perfect little cat called the American Ringtail.

This breed comes in all different short haired colors and pattern variations minus its ring tail it looks just like an other domestic house cat. They weight between six and twelve pounds, the females are a little smaller than the males. They have a slender body and webbed feet which they use for climbing. There front legs are slightly longer than there hind legs allowing for better balance.

This breed is very active and they enjoy climbing trees and seeking out high places to “hide” in. They are good natured and don’t seem to mind other pets. They love water and entertain themselves easily.

They are not demanding but do love attention and love giving attention. They are also good with children. They don’t like strangers and will often run and hide but still keep an eye on the intruder.

Only two litters have been born so far one in 2004 which produced four male kittens and was a cross breed between Seal Point Ragdoll and a Blue American Ringtail. The second litter was born in 2005 and produced another four male kittens. The breeders are patiently waiting for a few new females kittens.

There are no known health problems with this breed, although it is still a very young breed at less than five years old.

The breed is recognized by the TICA and is registered as a show cat. They have not been registered with the CFA yet.

They are very unique looking cats with their circle tail. When they get upset the tail uncurls and stands up.

With this breed still being so new there is very little information available. You can view pictures of the kittens and learn more about them by visiting the websites listed below.