Cat Breed Facts Foldex

The Foldex breed first appeared around 1992 in Quebec, Canada as an experimental breed. The Foldex breed was achieved by cross breeding both Exotic Shorthairs breeds and Exotic Longhairs breed with Scottish Folds breed. The cross breeding resulted is a new Persian type breed with folded ears. There is still a lot of controversy over skeletal defects that are connected to the Scottish Fold breed.

The Foldex breed made its first appearance in a show hall in 1993 when it was presented by Betty Ann Yaxley and is currently gaining popularity in shows. It began to get admirers one of whom was Jeanne Barrette who began to work faithfully for this strange new breed.

Due to the hard work of Jeanne Barrette the Foldex breed was accepted as an Experimental Breed in November of 1998 and in August of 2006 it was accepted as a New Breed that is currently only recognized by the Canadian Cat Association (CCA).

The Foldex breed has a shorter nose than the Scottish Fold breed but it is not as short as an Exotic Shorthair breed. Their body type is massive with good bone structure, a short neck, round eyes and a round head that give the breed an owl like appearance reminds one of a teddy bear. Weighing between five to eight pounds they are medium sized and can have either a short coat or a long coat that is dense and soft. The Foldex breed comes in all colors and patterns.

In order to make sure that healthy kittens are obtained a folded ear cat must be breed with a straight ear cat to avoid the skeletal defects associated with the breed. Skeletal defects are likely when breeding two straight eared cats together. All Foldex breed kittens are born with straight ears. It is not until the age of three to four weeks that the ears begin to fold and about half the kittens will have them.

A very intelligent animal Foldex cats make good house and apartment cats. Their temperament is close to that of the Exotic. They are very loving and sweet and go great with people. While they are quiet they do have some activity at times. Cat food and milk are common foods for this particular breed of cat.

So if you want a smart and loving companion that is also a good show cat then the Foldex breed may well be the one for you.