Cat Food Reviews Nutro Natural Choice Complete Care

My cat Creamsicle will practically eat anything that he can get a hold of at anytime. My shoes. Meow Mix. My dinner. You name it. He’ll usually eat it. Since he’ll eat practically anything I thought I could give the big guy some samples of NutroNatural Choice Complete Care cat food that I bought at PetCo for this article. Not only did Creamsicle not eat any of it he simply walked away and gave me a look that was surely saying, “C’mon! You have got to be kidding me! I’m not eating THAT STUFF!” It was a shock to see this kitty gourmand walk away from food before but as they say there is a first time for everything.

I went to PetCo to get a small bag of NutroNatural Choice Complete Care’s dry adult formula ($12.98 for 7lbs.) and a pouch of their adult formula moist turkey and giblets chunks in gravy ($1.29/pouch). I first gave Creamsicle the dry adult formula sample. I opened the package and he came running to his bowl with great anticipation. He took two or three of the nuggets in his mouth and spit them out. He wouldn’t eat it! I think the smell and the taste of the food were real turns-offs for him. It smelled more like vegetable soup than a good meaty dry cat food. The dark brown color of the nuggets didn’t look too good either. When I went to the company’s website the ingredients for this cat food and found out that it had dried beet root in it! Beet root?! Cats are carnivores-not vegetarians! It seems like this company forgets that cats are mainly meat eaters who adore the smell. the taste and the texture of meats and that they expect these things in their foods, too.

Just to be fair I also gave him the moist food. After checking to make sure his bowl was clean and free of soap residue (which it was) I then later tried to give him in a separate clean bowl the moist turkey and giblets chunks in gravy for dinner. He took one sniff and left without even touching it! He probably didn’t like it because the food’s smell, color and apperience didn’t seem all that apealing to him. The food looked runny and gloppy and like most cats, Creamsicle can’t stand or gloppy foods. Furthermore when I took a look at it myself I was repulsed by the look and the smell of it. It smelled more like a rancid salad then it did turkey cat food and I can’t stand runny or gloppy foods either! Finally for the fun of it I looked on the same website to check see what the turkey cat food was made of. It too had dried beet root pulp in it! Bleech!

Therefore, after checking to make sure the cat wasn’t sick (he wasn’t) and that the food wasn’t spoiled (it wasn’t), I have come to the conclusion that this cat simply does not like NutroNatural Choice Complete Care’s lines of cat food. After reading all the plant ingredients that are contained in the foods Creamsicle tried, I think I know why now the smell and the taste of the food were real turn-offs for him: The foods didn’t have enough meaty tastes and smells for the cat to enjoy. Therefore I would suggest if your cat likes to eat meat-based foods and likes the smell of turkey, chicken, beef or tuna that you stick with the old stand-by’s like Meow Mix, Cat Chow, or Iams because this cat food won’t give your cat what it really wants: real meat taste and real meat aromas.