Cat Rescue Services

This writer currently has 11 felines that reside in the same house, still not sure who the house actually belongs to, me or the cats. I rescue stray cats and abandoned kittens from hotels and places where they are a problem, then try to find homes for the little beasts. I started it on my own and it has been ongoing for several years, sometimes I end up with extra cats. So, how does one start a cat rescue?

One starts by loving cats. This is essential if you are going to rescue them because they are going to become a problem, and you will soon quit if there is no care and consideration as well as understanding, and most of this is not possible without loving them. Like children they can be smelly, eat lots of food and then sleep everywhere, and when awake they charge around and cause troubles so you wish they were back asleep. Of course, this is only if you are keeping the rescued cats in your house, which is how most cat rescuers start.

Money is also going to be needed, so either develop some wealthy friends or sponsors, unless you are wealthy yourself. You can also have fund raisers which will also increase awareness of what you are doing. Animal washes or cat shows can be popular and also consider starting a cat club and offering classes in cat care or grooming. These not only help raise money, but can be used to promote proper care and feeding of the cats, as well as a source of homes for the cats you rescue.

Get associated with a caring and competent veterinarian. You will need them to help with sick cats, neutering and the occasional one that has to be put to sleep. Having a regular one will cut expenses. The veterinarian may also allow you to post photographs of cats you have rescued to find new homes or flyer’s for those fund raisers.

You will now need live traps to catch strays unless you are going to limit your rescue to rejected pets that are tame, and small cages to put them in while you tame them. I catch the cats around businesses that are getting wild and causing troubles to prevent some one from killing them using a “Have-a Heart” trap, then get them to calm down and slowly start to handle them. It only takes a few days if you use patience and the scratches will heal!

Love, money and a veterinarian plus a place to catch and tame the cats. All that is left is finding homes and you have now started your cat rescue! Have fun helping care for those feline friends.