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Australias most Dangerous Animals

Australia’s wildlife is definitely very diverse. The variety of species that live there is truly incredible, and although you will find that there are some seriously odd yet amazing animals in Australia, you’ll also find many dangerous ones. So, if

Bobcats in Urban Areas

Aside from a few stray dogs and squirrels, the wildest thing in downtown Dallas at night walks on two legs and has usually had one drink too many. With all the noise and traffic, downtown it’s not exactly wildlife habitat.

Information on Beavers for Kids

Beavers are amazing creatures. These rodents are fast swimmers, and they’re no slouches on land either. They breathe air, but they live in a lodge which can only be reached underwater. They can take down trees many times their size.

Animal Facts Musk Deer

Have you, or someone that you know, ever worn one of the many versions of musk scented colognes or perfume? They may smell good, but they are also the main reason that the musk deer are currently decreasing in numbers

Animal Facts Aoudad

Many people, when seeing the word aoudad, wonder what in the world this could be. They may not even know that it’s a type of animal, but indeed it is. The aoudad is a type of sheep and a very

Sheep Breed Facts British Milk Sheep

The British Milk Sheep (BMS) is a composite breed, medium to large in size. They are said to be a ‘dairy breed’ as they produce a sustained milk yield over and above that needed to rear their lambs. As triplets

Black Bear White Tail Deer

The state of Tennessee is home to a wide variety of mammals, especially those who make their homes in woodland and mountainous regions. Mammals ranging from the tiny chipmunk to the large black bear can all be found in the

Big Brown Bats

Big brown bats (Eptesicus fuscus) is found all the way from southern Canada, across North America into Central America and all the way to the northern portion of South America. They are also found in the West Indies. This bat

Teacup Pig

A generation or so ago, some eccentric pet lovers around the country shunned aside ownership of dogs and cats, but instead took on the responsibility of caring for baby, potbellied pigs. For a time, this practice was quickly becoming a

Antartica Animals

Antarctica may have some of the coldest weather on the hemisphere but many animals find it as their home and love the cold, in fact many cannot live without it and have migrated to this icy area of our earth!