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How to help Wildlife during the Winter Season

Winter can be an extremely trying time for a variety of wildlife. Their food supply can become really scarce and become completely covered in snow and ice. There is always a way to help them out. Feeding birds can help

Dog Owners or Breeders who is to Blame for the Overpopulation in Shelters – Dog Owners

Dog Breeders or Owners? It’s really hard to choose the greater of two evils. I’ve volunteered for animal shelters for the past two years and I could give you many accounts of reprehensible behavior from both candidates. But, I would

Irresponsible Dog Breeders are to Blame for High Numbers of Dogs in Shelters – Breeders

Every year shelters are forced to euthanize unwanted pets. Sometimes these are pups, who for whatever reason, did not find homes, sometimes these are mature dogs, abandoned by their owners because they became destructive. It is hard to say who

How to help Rescue Animals

Millions of animals worldwide are in need of rescue. Animals suffer from starvation, lack of shelter, neglect and abuse. However, it is easy for anyone to make a difference in the lives of animals both in their own communities and

What to do if You’ve Found a Lost Dog how to help a Lost Dog

Dogs get lost all the time. Maybe they dug under their fence, slipped out of their collar, or jumped over the hedge. Many dogs are able to find their own way home, but sometimes they can’t. Sometimes it will take

Tips for Adopting a second Cat

Cats are territorial animals, but they can learn to get along and inhabit the same space. If you have a cat and are thinking of getting another one, you will need to be sure to introduce them properly so that

How to help your Local Animal Shelter

Animal shelters need all of the help that they can get. They are mostly non-profit and they rely heavily on donators to help support them and give the animals a place to stay where they are safe. There are many

Adopting a Pet from the Local Shelter

There are many animals out there waiting for a good home, but how do you know which warm and cuddly creature you want to take home, and how do you know it’s a good fit with your family? Beyond figuring

Helping Animals Find Homes and Helping Support Local Shelters

Helping your local animal shelters doesn’t start in the shelter.  It starts first with your love for animals and heart to want to help animals.  That is the first step towards helping the animals in the shelter. I have volunteered

Foster Care for Strays – Homes

I rescued a sweet little Pomeranian who was in an awful situation. This poor little dog didn’t have much of a chance in this life until my partner and I traveled from CT to NH to rescue him. If this