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Should i Adopt a Baby or Older Animal

The advantages of adopting a senior pet greatly outweigh the misconceived disadvantages.  Age, breed, and gender of the new pet must be decided carefully.  Adopting a new pet should always be made as a lifetime commitment.  It is so easy to fall

Why Rescued Animals Make Good Pets

Animal rescues after major floods or other natural disasters can make many very desirable animals available for adoption. Although these pets do not often have papers or verifiable pedigrees, there pure breed dogs and cats that can be adopted for

Common Reasons for Pets to be Abandoned

Common reasons for pets to be abandoned Many charities start saying it, especially around December 25th. A pet is for life, not just for Christmas. How can someone who has chosen a pet then toss it away? Would they be

Foster Homes or Animal Shelters which is better for Stray Dogs looking for a – Homes

Facts: Only about 5% of dogs in animal shelters are strays, including a few ferals. Because many shelters ask for a relinquishment fee, many people turn over their pets as found “strays” so they don’t have to pay the fee.

Rescuing Farm Animals and Turning them into Pets

Any animal can be a pet. Just because its classified as a ‘farm’ animal does not mean that it cannot be a pet. Everything from chickens to cows can be a beloved pet. I think the only classification of a

Advantages to Adopting a Senior Pet

Snuggles, kisses, slower-paced quiet walks, and “Welcome Home” greetings that match no other.  What else could anyone ask for?  Oh, yes, enjoying a pet that is “well-trained.”  And, the majority of senior pets have, indeed, already been very well trained

Abandoned Pets

Have you ever seen the commercial with Sarah McLachlan advertising against animal cruelty? There are pictures of cats and dogs that flash across the screen. It breaks your heart to see some of these animals hungry, beaten, injured, or dehydrated. However,

The Advantages of Adopting a less Adoptable Pet

Not every pet is adoptable, many are in shelters that have almost no chance of finding a forever home. The advantages of adopting a pet that has few chances of finding a home are not easily seen from a prospective

How to help Abused Animals

Helping the Helpless: Rescuing and Caring for Abused Animals When it comes to abused animals, most people probably think of cats and dogs, but any animal can be abused. Abused and neglected animals can bring tears to the eyes of

Pets Older Benefits

What are the benefits in adopting an older pet? When the majority of people think of adopting a pet, most of the time they are more attracted to newborns. Who would not be? They are adorable with their clumsiness, cuddling