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Why did the Fbis John Lewis State that the Animal Rights Movement was the Top Domestic Terrorism

FBI’s John Lewis has stated that the animal-rights movement is a top domestic terrorism threat, “The number one domestic terrorism threat is the eco-terrorism, animal-rights movement. These groups have a history of disregarding personal and civil rights of citizens in

Pit Bulls are not to Blame – No

As I read this question, is it the duty and obligation of the upstanding press to vilify a breed of dogs, I vehemently state no. There is no reason the media should out one breed of dogs because of a

How Technology can help in the Fight for Conservation

While technology, or the rapid advancement of it and subsequently growth in population at an alarming rate, is one of the root causes of endangered animals being endangered, it is also one of the most valuable tools in the conservation

Eating Animals Thoughts on Morality

So many people these days consider themselves to be a vegetarian or an animal rights activist, but do half of them even realize how many products they are eating/using that contain animal by-products? Read the following to get a quick

An Overview of Animal Welfare around the World

This essay discusses how the socio-economics of Japan affects the welfare of animals in and by that country. It starts with an exploration of Japanese culture by looking at the concept of ma. It then examines the religious make-up of

Pet Shops Rules that should be Introduced

Pet shops are blessed places. There’s nothing I love more, as a teen, than visiting a good pet shop full of little kids. With all this happiness invested in me, it’s the pure fun of it that drives me to

Pets Death Cloning – No

Your friend and companion of ten years becomes very sick. You make an appointment expecting to hear hopeful news. Instead, the vet shakes his head, and you begin to cry. You have to make a choice, the hardest you have

Is it Morally Wrong to use Mice or Dogs in Medical Research – No

When asked if it is morally wrong to use animals in medical research I have to say no. Using animals for research is a necessary step in developing new medical drugs, procedures, and theories. The arbitrary use of animals for

What you can do to Stop Illegal Animal Cruelty

At this very moment, animals are suffering in ways you’d never imagine. Countless animals are being slaughtered in inhumane ways. Their throats are being slit, their heads are being chopping off, some are being beaten to death while others are

The Problem with Breed Specific Legislation

Breed Specific Legislation (bsl) is not only wrong, it is also a very ineffective means of trying to rid the world of so called “dangerous dogs”. While it is possible to determine if a single dog is vicious it is