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The Problem of Animal Cruelty

In 2008, “Travis the Chimp” became a widely recognized symbol of the reasons why wild animals should never be kept as pets. His natural instincts took over and ultimately caused apprehensible injuries to an innocent woman, as well as the

Axolotl Mexican Sea Monster Nears Extinction

Mexican Sea Monster Nears Extinction In the waters of Lake S-ch-m-ko, (Xochimilco) in Mexico there exists a creature on the verge of extinction. You may know this animal as the ‘ACK-suh-LAH-tuhl’, (axolotyl). Known as the ‘water monster’ by some and

Gas Chambers are Immoral

Regardless of one’s opinion on animal shelter euthanasia, harm reduction should always be encouraged if an ideal solution can’t be reached. Although I’d love to see animal shelters all have no-kill policies, the reality is that is not the case

Selling Bear Bile is Unethical

Whenever considering animal rights, it’s beneficial to adopt a pragmatic approach. Even if the goal is to eliminate all unnecessary suffering amongst animals, it may be necessary to choose the lesser evil. More specifically, the collection and sale of bear

No Kill Shelters vs Euthenasia – Hurt

Like any animal lover, I hate nothing more than to see a perfectly healthy animal put down simply because it is not likely to be adopted quickly. I have also spent countless hours in the local no-kill shelter working with

Dog Fighting Effects

Dog fighting is illegal in all fifty states, as well as the District of Columbia. In forty-seven states, the District of Columbia and the Virgin Islands, the possession of dogs for fighting is prohibited.  Forty-eight states, the District of Columbia,

Medical Research on Animals – True

My husband is currently awaiting open heart surgery. He needs an aortic valve replacement. Several bypasses will be performed while the surgeon has access to his chest cavity. His damaged heart valve will be replaced with that of a pig. If I

How to Improve the Lives of Animals in your Community

In most communities, if not all, there are animals to be found whose lives could use at least a bit of improving. We, as humans, can do many things to help these creatures who are more helpless than we are.

Animal Rights

Before you can convince people to support something, they must understand why and what it is all about. Animal brutality is all over the world and most citizens do not seem to care, even if there are people already walking

Is Veganism Safe for Kids

The Center for Disease and Prevention reports that 16% of American children are overweight and obese, while one-third of the children consume a fast food meal at least once per day. The downfall of proper nutrition and the rise in