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How to keep Pond Fish Alive during Winter

Pond fish can be a beautiful addition to any pond and any garden that they are placed in. However, pond fish cannot just be placed in the pond and left alone, they have to be taken care of just like

The Importance of Aquarium Water Quality

Fish-keeping has been a popular hobby for decades for both keeping fresh water fish and the more striking tropical fish. The very keen might try their hand at keeping marine fish which is much more specialised. No matter which type

Aquarium Fish how to Care for Rainbow Sharks

The rainbow shark is nothing like the salt-water predator of the same name.  This interesting fresh water tropical fish belongs to the carp or minnow family.  It’s original home is Southeast Asia and Indonesia, but it is a popular aquarium

Caring for a Betta Fish

Betta fish, otherwise known as a Chinese Fighting Fish, are some of the most beautiful aquatic animals to ever swim on the planet. A Betta fish is easily identified by it’s multitudes of color and varying in shape billowy fins.

How to Turn an old Coffee Maker into a Beta Fish Aquarium

Betta fish are colorful tropical fish also known as Siamese fighting fish, because of their territorial nature they are best kept alone and do well in smaller tanks. Old coffee machines work well as Betta fish tanks provided they are

Giving an Aquarium as a Christmas Gift

An aquarium can be a wonderful Christmas gift if the recipient is prepared for, willing, and capable of providing the proper care once it is set up.  Many people assume that keeping an aquarium is as easy as adding water,

Guide to Popular Live Bearing Tropical Fish

Dispelling the myth that only mammals give live birth, anyone who has ever raised guppies can attest to the fact that fishes can be born live as well. Among the most popular live bearing fishes are: Guppies, Mollies, Sword-tails and Platys. There

Buy Aquarium Fish need know how to

When purchasing fish for your aquarium you need to think about a five major factors before buying. Water Chemistry and Temperature: Most aquarium fish are pretty adaptable in terms of the chemistry and temperature of the water you put them

Aquarium Fish how to Care for Fire Eels

Fish lovers around the world will usually take one look at a fire eel and immediately say, “I want one!”. And it is no wonder, because these gentle creatures are interesting and fun creatures to keep. They are recognizable by

Common Fish Diseases Treatment Diagnosis

There are many diseases that can affect the fish in your aquarium. Most diseases can be put into four major categories; Bacterial, Viral, Parasites and Fungus. The common aquarium fish diseases we will focus on in this article are bacterial.