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Caring for Young Chicks

Easter is here and there are images of fluffy little baby chicks everywhere. Children see these cuddly pictures of Easter chicks and imagine them as their very own living toys. Many parents have visions of their perfect little angel cuddling

Bird Facts Red Footed Falcon

The Red-footed Falcon is a bird of prey that is native to Europe and Asia. The bird was found in North America in 2004 at Martha’s Vineyard. The bird ranges in size from small to medium and has long wings.

What Information to Include in a Bird Watching Journal

A bird-watching journal should have a durable cover, and be small enough to fit into a pocket or field pack.  If you intend to carry it in your pocket, you might want the cover to be flexible.  Some field notebooks

Bird Facts Red Footed Booby

The Red-footed Booby, Sula sula, is a large seabird found in the tropics. Despite its classification as a large seabird, compared to other members of the booby family of birds, it is on the small side. Generally speaking the Red-footed

Red Footed Booby

The Red-footed booby is one of the most interesting birds and it is the smallest of the booby species. It feeds on fish by diving into the water to depths of up to 98 ft to catch it’s prey. It

Bird Facts Gang Gang Cockatoo

The Gang-gang cockatoo has the scientific name of Callocephalon fimbriatum. It belongs to the family Cacatuidae and the order Psittaciformes. Its common names include Red-crowned cockatoo and Red-headed cockatoo. Range The gang-gang is native to south-eastern Australia, being widely distributed

Bird Facts least Grebe

The Least Grebe (Tachybaptus dominicus) is the smallest species of American grebe. It is also known as the Least Dabchick, American Dabchick, Mexican Grebe, or Short-billed Grebe. All grebes are freshwater diving birds, and Least Grebes are considered to be

Common Songbirds Found in the United States and Europe

Even with the vast Atlantic Ocean’s divide and the distinction in climates, the United States and Europe have come to share some common songbirds. Often due to intentional bird importation and release, several bird species have reached the U.S. shores

What Birds need in Order to Feel Comfortable enough to Nest in your Birdhouse

Even birds like free housing, and it’s not too big of an enterprise when you have enough time to spare to make it happen. Bird house builders provide important homes for birds that may keep them safer from predatory concerns

Where to Put Birdhouses for Purple Martins

The Purple Martin, Progne subis, is one of those birds that people just love to see in their backyard. This welcome visitor is a pleasant sight to behold, but for many people its more important attribute is its ability to