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What Red Tailed Hawks Eat

Red-tailed hawks are so numerous that many people may wonder how they can possibly find enough to eat. It is hard in many states to drive through the country without seeing these beautiful birds either in the air, on poles

Bird Facts Dwarf Cassowary

There are three species of cassowary with the dwarf cassowary being the smallest of the three. Its scientific name is Casuarius bennetti. It is commonly known as Bennett’s cassowary, little cassowary, mountain cassowary and mooruk. The other two species of

How to Tame a Wild Cockatiel

Cockatiels are intelligent birds with strong dispositions. These characteristics make the cockatiel a wonderful pet but can make taming a willful, wild bird seem practically impossible. It takes the right combination of patience and persistence to successfully train a cockatiel

St James Park London Birdwatching

St James Park in London is situated just off the Mall and in sight of Buckingham Palace. Even though it has a central city location this doesn’t seem to affect the variety of bird life that can be seen here.

Why Hummingbirds don’t Make Practical Indoor Pets

Hummingbirds are not allowed to be held in captivity and this is a law in the United States and in some other countries too. Hummingbirds are not able to survive in an environment like a birdcage. They have to be

How to get Started with Bird Feeding as a Hobby

“If you fill it, they will come.” The birds, that is. You’ll join 60 million Americans who feed wild birds and love the personality that they bring to the yard. Although people have been feeding birds for decades, the hobby

Why High Calcium Grit is Important to Add to a Doves Diet

Doves and pigeons are popular pets. The most common species found in captivity are Ringnecks, Diamond, Cape and Crested Doves. Doves are primarily seed-eaters but in the wild, they will eat a varied diet that also includes greens and insects. They will also

Unique Tips to Protect Wild Birds from Cats

There are various species of wild birds in many parts of the world. Some of these birds are rare species and needs to be protected from predators and cats. Though these wild birds are not taken good care of by

Overview of Owls that Nest on the Ground

There are a wide variety of nesting habits of owls that nest on the ground. These habits have many observers wondering why and how the owls do this. Some owls are considered to be land owls that nest on the ground.

Feeding the Birds what to do and what not to do

Feeding wild birds is a fun and entertaining hobby. To keep it fun, start with a plan. The plan requires a minimum of two things: food and water. To avoid unnecessary stress, think of the feeder, as not another chore,