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Little known Facts about Grasshoppers

Grasshoppers are insects which belong to the order Orthoptera. They are arthropods in kingdom Animalia. However, over eighteen thousand species of grasshopper mostly exist in regions where the temperature are low; specifically in the tropical wet forests. External features Grasshoppers

Arachnid Facts Katipo

In the Maori language Katipo means night stinger, and it is the name given to a species of poisonous arachnid. The katipo is the only venomous creature in New Zealand and a bite will give rise to a condition known

Facts about Sand Wasps

For a small number of people, one or two in every 1,000, the sight of a wasp instills fear. Others aren’t particularly fond of the flying insects, but their sting causes only momentary pain. The sand wasp is not an aggressive

Most Dangerous Insects

Many people dislike insects, and arm themselves with any number of insect repellents and insect killing sprays in order to protect themselves. In most cases these devices are pointless, as although annoying most insects are not dangerous. That being said

Insect Facts Damselflies

The adult damselflies can be mistaken as dragonflies but if you look closely there are many differences. Damselflies can close their wings parallel and over their back. They also have a body small in length with finer features compared to

Insect Facts Dragonfly

Dragonflies are one of the most enjoyable insects for me personally. I find them not only fascinating, but incredibly beautiful with their iridescence and seemingly lackadaisical flight maneuvers. They are not just your average insect flying about, either. Here are

The Life Cycle of Bald Faced Hornets and how they help the Environment

If you live in North America, chances are you’ve seen a bald-faced hornet. These are those busy female insects that fly around very fast, sting like bees, and eat those other pesky insects that drive you crazy. They won’t bother

Facts about Yellow Jackets

Here’s a tidbit about insects you shouldn’t personally observe: Yellow jackets aren’t covered with tannish-brown dense hair on their bodies like honeybees. Just trust the experts on that fact. For if you’re close enough to notice the difference, you’re likely

Ugly Bug Potato Bug Jerusalem Cricket Backyard Bug California Bug Garden Bug Exotic Bug

What’s bugging you? Could it be the remarkably ugly Jerusalem Cricket aka The Potato Bug? My mother recently found a very strange looking creature in her garden. She was simultaneously repulsed and intrigued. What could this invader be? It looked

Insect Facts True Cricket

The true crickets are a group of insects that belong to the insect family Gryllidae. This specific family of crickets is differentiated from the mole crickets and the camel crickets which belong to the families Gryllotalpidae and Gryllacrididae respectively. All