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How to Distinguish Quality Cat Collars from Auto Unfastening Junk

Cats consider collars undignified – something a dog would wear. Therefore, many cats become quite proficient at ditching their collars quickly, much to the annoyance of their human friends. In the quest for finding the perfect collar, there are two

Caring for your Cats Teeth Cat Dental Health Cat Dental Care Cat Dental Problems

There are some obvious signs and symptoms of poor cat dental health. Here are some tips and advice on how to avoid or treat some common cat dental problems. There are times that even the most loving cat owner doesn’t

How to Treat Fleas on Kittens

You’ve just brought home a cute, fuzzy, adorable little kitten only to discover that it is flea-ridden. Well, you definitely do not want to make the kitten sick with toxic flea killing medications like Frontline or Advantage. Sure, they kill the fleas,

Trimming a Pets Claws how to Trim Cat Claws Easiest way to Trim Cats Claws

For some cat owners, trimming a pet’s claws can be a dreaded experience. Frankly, some cats just do not appreciate the service, and would really prefer to hide in a box under the bed for two days than get a manicure. However, trimming a

Catcleancleaningkittyhygieneear Waxear Mitesear Dirtclean Catcat Cleaning

Cats are known for being mostly self sufficient when it comes to cleaning, evidenced by their common (and sometimes allergic-reaction-inducing) habit of licking themselves all over whenever not sleeping or playing. They can miss two spots in particular, though: the

Best Flea Shampoo for Cats

In order to determine the best flea shampoo for our cats, we tested every cat shampoo that said it killed fleas.  After trying the products, we narrowed them down to a few which worked the best.  The common factor in

Cats Hair Loss Reasons

Cats are unique creatures who take great pride in their abilities and we can sometimes take that for granted and not think about the fact that it is possible for them to actually fall ill and depend on help from

Removing Fleas from Young Kittens

Fleas can be dangerous on young kittens, an infestation is capable of killing them.  If a kitten is less than six weeks of age, it is not safe to use chemicals on them as they can lead to anemia and

How to Clean a Cats Ears

That legendary curiosity of cats takes them into all sorts of “interesting” places, like grassy fields, holes, nooks and crannies, where all maner of seeds – and critters – abound. The chances are, something is going to get stuck in

Shampoo for Cats

Cats, like most other pets, need to be kept clean and healthy. One of the best ways to keep your cat clean is to give it a regular bath. To do this, you’ll need a pet shampoo. You can walk