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Introducing Dogs to Young Children

Introducing a dog to young children can be intimidating. Whether bringing home a new dog or walking a dog out in the neighborhood, caution needs to be taken to ensure the safety of both the dog and the children. Learning

How to Introduce a Dog to Young Children

Whether you have small children and are thinking of getting a dog for them to play with or whether you’re taking your small children to visit someone who already has dogs, you should be prepared to introduce the dog to

Dog Breed Facts White Boxer

Contrary to popular belief, the white Boxer is not a fault in colouring. The beginning of the breed started out predominantly white. Boxer dogs shown in Germany in 1896 shown by Boxer fanciers at the first Deutscher Boxer Club, show

Dog Grooming Tips Boxer Dogs

Boxer dogs have a very short coat, so many people wrongly believe that there is little grooming required. However, to help keep a Boxer in good condition, regular grooming is necessary. The head This is the best place to start

How to Protect yourself against Free Roaming Dogs

Many people are very much afraid of dogs and if you are someone that was bitten once by a dog, you will certainly agree with me. We all know that dogs are just man’s best friend, but they are not

Facts to know before Adopting a Boxer

The Boxer is the clown of the dog world. These highly intelligent and majestic animals make every task seem simple. There are, however, a few facts that everyone should know before adopting this magnificent breed. High energy levels. Given the

Interesting Facts about Boxers

The Boxer dog is an interesting, and often entertaining dog. Always ready for a game, these dogs seem to have boundless energy and a great capacity to ‘pick the mood’. Rarely will a Boxer not want to go for a

Healthy Dog Snacks

Dog obesity, just like human obesity, is on the rise.  The difference between the two types of obesity is the people can seek their own remedies, but dogs require outside assistance to get back in shape.  Concerned pet parents have

Causes of Dogs not Eating

There are many causes for a dog not eating and you have to have a good bond with your dogs at times to find out the exact cause. The causes can range from psychological issues to physical issues and everything

Small Dog Breed Watchdogs

Generally, all small dogs will make some sort of commotionwhen something they feel is unusual happens. It may be a yap, a growl, a throat-bark(a bark used when they feel threatened), or a full blown attack on what they feel