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When should Dogs be Spayed

In the following, you will gain valuable information as to when female dogs should be spayed. From the appropriate age to have a dog spayed to the initial outlook on the positive prospectives of spayed dogs. You should have your

The causes of Cushings Disease or Hyperadrenocorticism

Cushing’s disease or syndrome results from an overproduction of cortisol, which is a glucocorticoid hormone produced by the adrenal glands. Technically the medical condition is called hyperadrenocorticism, but the name Cushing’s syndrome and later Cushing’s disease came into use after

Dog Breed Airedale Terriers

Owning an Airedale is not for everyone but if you have the right temperament, it’s sure you will defend Airedales till your last breath. Although not difficult to train, they need to feel respected. Also they are not averse to

Food for Dogs with Sensitive Stomachscaring for a Dog with Sensitive Stomachhelping Dog Digestion

Some breeds of dogs are more prone to sensitive stomachs than others but how do you know whether or not your dog has digestive problems? Symptoms may include regular vomiting, loose stools and flatulence. Diarrhoea is not only caused by

Dog Cystitis Symptoms and Treatment how to Treat a Dog for Cystitis Signs of Cystitis in Dogs

If your dog seems to be having difficulty urinating, has blood in the urine, or is in pain while urinating, it could be suffering from cystitis, a bladder infection, or a problem of the urethra or prostate. This is a

Intestinal Blockage Symptoms

An intestinal blockage, also called bowel obstruction, can affect dogs of all ages and sizes. It is usually caused by a foreign object that the dog swallowed while chewing on something, for example: coins, buttons, sticks, toys, socks, stones, marbles,

Cancer Prevention in Dogs

Cancer is the leading cause of death among dogs. It is estimated that one third to one half of the human population in the United States will contract cancer during their lifetimes. A full one half of American dogs will

Health Problems in Companion Dogs

By definition, companion dogs are dogs that do not work in herding or hunting jobs but keep people company. Companion dogs can be of any breed but are usually those chosen to have sociable and personable skills. These dogs can

Hip Dysplasia

Hip dysplasia displacement of the hip ball into the hip socket-is a huge problem in dogs. The hip ball should fit tightly into the hip joint or cup of the hip. Hip dysplasia results when this does not happen. It

Cholangiohepatitis in Dogs Symptoms and Treatments

Cholangiohepatitis is a potentially fatal liver disease that is found, fortunately rarely, in dogs. The disease is also found in several other animals such as cats and horses, for example. The main symptom of the disease is the inflammation of