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How to Care for Pet Monkeys

Believe it or not, I actually do have experience in caring for a pet monkey. In 1994, my family adopted a baby female crab-eating macaque. We had picked her up from an airport in St. Louis, where my dad surprised me with

How to Deal with Unwanted Amphibians and Reptiles

First off for those of you who don’t know what an amphibian or a reptile are, an amphibian is an animal that spends part of their life in water and the other part on land. Some examples of an amphibian

What to Feed a Pet Hedgehog

The hedgehog, a small insect-eating and usually (in the wild) nocturnal animal is characterised by having spines, i.e. sharp quills, that stand up from its back, which spines serve to provide protection for the animal when it is frightened at

Keeping Wild Animals as Pets Trends of Pets Tigers as Pets Owning Wildlife Pajama Sloth

Currently a photo of a sloth in pajamas is a big hit on the internet. But that does not mean owning, or keeping animals from the wild is a good thing to do. There are more tigers confined as pets

Basics how to Care for a Tarantula

When working with exotic animals it is essential that the people involved have a wide knowledge on the particular species. There are many different exotic species that can be kept as pets and one of them is the Mexican Red

Treatment for Fleas on a Pet Hedgehog

Discovering a hedgehog with a flea problem is both unnerving and scary. A popular fear when it happens is Anemia, a very possible effect for such small creatures. Hedgehogs are so small, a ‘little’ flea infestation can turn serious if

Tips for Keeping Aquatic Snails as Pets

When you think of snails, you probably think of the big garden snails that crawl around in the mud outside. Many people also associate snails with slugs. But there are some snails that are very different than those that you

Facts about Pet Monkeys

Monkeys are born to be free and serve their life in the wild. Being cooped up in a stuffy house, far away from the jungles where their families live is depriving them of the perfect life they could have had.

What do you Feed a Hedgehog

To some people, owning an animal other than a dog or cat seems like a real conundrum. The simple process of feeding a hedgehog is a mystery to most people and they’re often surprised to learn that what a hedgehog

Guide to Exotic Animal Adoption

Exotic animals have always been popular amongst people who want an interesting pet. Some of these people love animals, but sadly others only want one to try and make themselves seem more interesting to others. The trade in exotic pets