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Unwanted Reptiles or Amphibians

Thousands of people purchase pet reptiles or amphibians each year. Unfortunately, many of these people find their pets to be more work than they expected or don’t know how to properly care for their pet and therefore, release their pets

Things to consider when Choosing a Pet Reptile

There are lots of things to consider before going out and buying a reptile for a pet. Unlike a cat or dog, reptiles need specialized care. First, ensure you buy your chosen pet from a legitimate retailer with a proven reputation.

Monkey Pet Wild Animal Care Diet Veterinarian Diabetes

How to care for pet monkeys depends a lot on the type of monkey you have. However, there are certain needs that must be met for the health and happiness of any monkey. Monkeys are social animals that live in

Caring for Rose Haired Tarantulas

The rose haired tarantulas are found in the deserts of Bolivia, Chile, and Argentina. They have become popular among tarantula lovers because they are docile. They can withstand many environmental conditions. They are ideal pets for people who can handle

Paws and Stripes Forever

Walking through the jungle, machete in hand, your boots crunching the underbrush. You hear a growl to your right and your muscles freeze. A chill surges through your body as a tiger walks gracefully out of the brush. You nervously

How to Care for a Fiddler Crab

Fiddler crabs make great aquarium pets as they co-exist well with your fish. With more than 90 species of fiddler crabs around, it is not unusual to see them in large numbers on the beaches while vacationing. I always feel

Pet Monkeys what to consider before Ownership

If you’re not a parent or have never had to care for a baby for an extended period of time, then this is a wonderful guide before buying a monkey as a pet. all monkies are like babies in the

Spiders not Recommended as Pets

Does a spider make a good pet? The answer to this consists in many forms. For some, a spider makes an excellent pet. There are a wide variety of spiders that exist, so I’ll ask a counter question. Why should

Alpaca Thinking of Keeping them

Thinking of getting into alpacas? Think again.Thinking of getting out of alpacas? Good luck.The cost of these animals is being outrageously inflated. The people that are buying are the newcomersthe people that believe the television advertisements about a better life

Best Exotic Pet for a first Time Owner

For a first time exotic pet owner there are a few things you need to consider before the purchase of the new exotic pet. How much time they will have to spend with their new pet. Some exotic pets need