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How to Care for Pygmy Goats

The pygmy goat is a small breed of domestic goat that has become a very popular pet choice among people of all ages. It originated from West Africa and is an extremely hardy, playful and intelligent creature that loves plenty

Cattle Breed Facts Bue Lingo

Bue Lingo is a breed of cattle that was developed in Ransom County in the state of North Dakota. This breed of cattle is very similar to the Dutch Belted breed of cattle. The Bue Lingo breed has a white

Soray Sheep

Soay sheep are named for the place from where they descended, the small island of Soay in the St. Kilda Archipelago about 40 miles (65 miles) from the Western Isles of Scotland. This particular species of sheep which are significantly smaller than all other modern domesticated sheep, closely

Blue Ribbon Tips for Entering Chickens in a State Fair

If you are entering your chickens; hens, or roosters, in a fair there are a few tips you might want to know to ensure that your poultry animals are shown to their best advantage, so you can bring home a

Tips for Raising Chickens in Small Areas

Chickens require a surprisingly small amount of space to survive. This doesn’t mean that a lot of chickens should be crammed into a tiny area, however it does mean that people can have healthy chickens in a small space, if

Cattle Breed Facts Canadienne

Canadienne cattle are a breed that originated in Canada. They are also known as La Canadienne, Black Canadian, Canadian, and French Canadian cattle. The Canadienne is the only dairy breed of cattle developed in North America. Description: Canadienne cattle’s major advantage over

How to Prevent Soremouth in Goats

Many people have heard about “pox” type infections in humans, and are most likely to be familiar with the chicken pox infection.  Soremouth, which also is a virus in the pox family, is one of the most common skin diseases

Tips for Keeping Dairy Cows Cool

Rarely when one pours a glass of milk in the morning do they think about the dairy farmers and the cows that produce the milk.  However, today let’s take a look at one of the challenges that face the dairy

Tips for Raising Chickens in Cold Weather

If you expect to keep chickens through the colder months of the year, you should plan their housing carefully so as to keep them reasonably warm. If possible, provide them with an insulated coop tight enough to exclude drafts and

Why some Chickens Eat their own Eggs

This may come as a surprise to many but it is true that some chickens eat their own eggs.  More particularly with hens that lay their eggs in a nest.  Some of you may think it is cannibalism but it