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Sheep Breed Facts Algerian Arab

The Algerian Arab is a breed of sheep that is common in north-western Africa.  Algerian Arab sheep are particularly common in Algeria, but are also found in neighboring countries of North Africa and south of the Sahara in parts of

About Sheep Milking

When most people think of sheep they think of lamb (meat), or wool, production. They seldom consider that some sheep are used for milking. In truth sheep have been used for milk even before cattle. Most sheep milking takes place in

Cattle Breed Facts Bianca Val Padana

The Bianca Val Padana is a breed of cattle that is thought to have been developed in the region around the town of Carpi in the province of Modena in northern Italy [1]. It is believed that the breed was

Treatments for Soremouth in Goats

Sore mouth which is a highly contagious virus is also known as pustular dermatitis and ecthyma. Goats and sheep are susceptible to this infection. The infection can spread quickly among herds and can also be contracted by humans. The virus

Animal Facts Feral Goat

Feral goats are descendants of domestic goats that were either released by their owners or escaped from their homes. Feral goats at maturity usually attain a weight of between 50 to 80 pounds. Habitat They like rocky, well-sloped, secluded areas

Why Chickens need to be Fed Grit

The reason chickens need to be fed grit is very simple, and yet it is complex as well. Chickens need grit because they have no teeth to break their food into small pieces. The grit they eat substitutes for teeth

Care of Pygmy Goats

Pygmy goats are a very unique little animal. They make wonderful pets and family friends, when cared for properly. In addition to being a reasonably easy to care for pet, Pygmy goats also give up to 1/2 gallon of milk

Sheep Breed Factsancon

Ancon sheep have long bodies with short legs. Their fore-legs are crooked. This type of sheep was bred from a single Massachusetts lamb. The Ancon sheep are quite desirable because they cannot jump over fences. The Ancon name has been

Cattle Breed Facts Angus

Hornless cattle have been around since prehistoric times; in carvings of the Scottish counties Aberdeen and Angus; in Siberia centuries earlier and in paintings and sculptures in ancient Egypt. The foundation of the Aberdeen Angus breed came from the blending

Cattle Diseases Venereal Disease in Cattle Vibriosis Campylobacteriosis

Vibriosis Vibriosis is an important venereal cattle disease in Australia and elsewhere; and is caused by a bacterium, Campylobacter fetus var venerealis, which lives in the lining of the reproductive tracts of infected bulls and cows. As reproductive efficiency is