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How to tell if a Ferret is going Blind

Ferrets unfortunately have poor eye sight to being with, so spotting a ferret with bad eye sight is one thing, but seeing them act differently over time might mean that their eyes are getting more and more weak. Having a

How to tell if a Ferret has a Fever

Ferrets just like humans can be riddled with sickness, especially flu symptoms and fever issues. They can get fevers over something minor like a small stomach flu or a cold, or can get fevers for something even worse such as

What to Feed your Ferret

How to feed a ferret a nutritionally balanced diet. Ferrets are carnivores, many pet owners are not aware that ferrets cannot live without meat. These pets suffer from health complications because of the unbalanced nutritional diet. Nutrition is an important

Adopting a Ferret

Ferrets are adorable and interesting animals. They look a tad bit like squirrels and also bear a resemblance to hamsters. These small mammals, which have been domesticated for over 2,000 years, are actually part of the weasel family. Unlike weasels,

Why are Ferrets Illegal

Ferrets are a domestic mammal of the type Mustela putorius furo. Ferrets are sexually dimorphic predators with males being substantially larger than females. They typically have brown, black, white, or mixed fur, have an average length of approximately 20 inches

Causes of Fur Loss in Ferrets

There are several different causes of fur loss in ferrets. One common possibility is that there is adrenal disease present. Another possibility is that there has been an infestation by some form of parasite. Other possible causes include immune disorders,

Caring for Rescued Ferrets

Have you ever seen a tornado? Have you ever wanted to live with one? If you answered yes, then a ferret is definitely the pet for you. Unfortunately many people purchase these cute, energetic animals only to find a short

Home Safety Tips for Ferret Owners

Having a ferret as a pet means you need to rearrange your living arrangements. This is because ferrets need a wide space to play around and since they have poor sight they can easily bump into something and really hurt

Depressed Ferret

Depression is one word with many different definitions.  In humans, depression usually means at least one round of therapy and lots of discussions about mothers.  But in ferrets, depression is another word for “moping.”  In other words, the ferret just

Gift Ideas for Pet Ferrets

Ferrets are very fun little animals.  They enjoy new toys probably more so than most other pets.  Pet stores are typically stocked full of all sorts of play things for your furry friends, but not all toys are made equal.