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Ferret Characteristics

Ferrets are a popular choice with pet owners. They are very clean and can be trained to use a litter box. They get their name from a Latin word meaning thief, and rightly so. If you are ever near a

How to Bathe a Ferret Bathing a Ferret Ferrets Grooming Ferrets

Ferrets, like all pets, require some grooming to ensure a long, healthy life. You really only need to bathe a ferret once every six months or so. Anymore than that can cause dry skin and can even make their natural

Ferrets Ferret Proofing Exotic Pets Ferret Care

Just when you think you’ve ferret proofed your house, you’ll discover that you haven’t. Ferrets are notorious for finding every nook and cranny in your house and disappearing into them. They’ll get into places you never imagined they could get

How to tell if a Ferret is Deaf

Sometimes have a deaf animal can be easy to tell, or particularly hard, especially with the cute small rodents, ferrets. How do you tell your ferret is going deaf or has been deaf for awhile? Or maybe even born deaf!

How to tell if a Ferret is Pregnant

If you suspect that your ferret is pregnant, then it is important that you refer her to a specialist vet. He will be able to rule out the possibility of a phantom pregnancy, which can be quite common in ferrets.

Ferret Health Vaccinations

There are two vaccinations that all ferrets must have; distemper and rabies. Distemper is an air-borne disease, which also effects dogs. The effects of distemper are almost certainly fatal. The virus is extremely contagious and fast spreading so the first

Green Gifts for Ferret Owners

People with pets are usually concerned about the environment and especially appreciate eco-friendly gifts.  If you are looking for a nice, green present for a ferret owner then there are countless possibilities in all price ranges. Adopt a ferret  Symbolic

Essential Tips for Learning how to Care for a Ferret

Things to consider before getting a ferret. Ferrets that are bought from a pet store will most likely be a Marshall Ferret. Marshall is a very reputable ferret breeder and neuter or spay all of there ferrets by 5 weeks

How to Care for Senior Ferrets

Caring for an old pet of any type can be a difficult thing to do mainly because you do not wish for them to pass and seeing how they struggle can be a bit painful. But senior animals need your

Hair Loss Swollen Abdomen Ferret

Hair loss and a swollen abdomen in ferrets are usually symptoms of adrenal disease.  This disease can kill a ferret, so the ferret needs to see a vet as soon as possible.  Although there are many reasons for a ferret