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How to keep a Single Horse Happy

Horses are by nature herd animals and a single horse living by itself can become miserable and unhealthy. A horse, despite not being able to speak, is still able to feel. Horses can become depressed and even develop odd behaviours

The Difficult Decision to Euthanize your Horse

Having a horse put down is a devastating experience, and when that time comes, it is heartbreaking. Euthanasia and whether it is the right decision is a great responsibility for the owner. It is certainly not one that can be taken lightly.

How to tell if a Mare is in Season

Mares are known to have “seasonal” cycles. These estrous cycles usually appear early in the spring and are gone before late fall. In nature, these cycles can be longer because they are in constant contact with stallions who tease and

Best Horses for Trail Riding

Horse breed all have their individual strengths and weaknesses. Some show impressive stamina, while others are calm and gentle. Certain ones have incredible work skills and may be trained with ease. There are several superb talents that different breeds have

Colors of Purebred Arabian

In most books, “horse encyclopedias” and websites, Arabian horse colors will be listed as the common “bay, chestnut, gray, roan and black”. Actually, Arabians come in more colors than that, even though they are rare or lumped together in with

Trail Riding Horses

Trail riding is an excellent introduction to the world of horseback riding for newcomers, whether you’re getting into the saddle for the first time at 16 or 60. Every horse is different, but there are some breeds that are more

Clydesdale Budweiser Anheuser Busch Draft Horse

The breed characteristics of the Clydsedale are vast but one will always come to the forefront, its massive size and beauty. This is a horse that is widely recognized based simply upon its unique look. Everyone who see’s the majestic

The Nez Perce People and Appaloosa Horses

Living in the Pacific Northwest I have came into contact with many Appaloosa’s. They are renown in this area as one of the ultimate Western Pleasure horses. They are also a symbol of the Old West and everthing that places

Breeds of Horses for Beginners

Beginner riders need a horse that will help build their confidence as they learn the basics of how to move around these large animals. Because of this, a quiet-minded horse, with a gentle personality is the best choice for a

Breed Characteristics of the American Paint Horse

The American Paint Horse is a popular well known horse breed that has a stock type conformation with a coat pattern of dark and white colors. One of the fastest growing breeds in North America, the paint horse is a