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What’s an American Shetland like

The American Shetland Pony is a far cry from the original Shetland Pony from the Shetland Isles. Just like with almost anything else brought to America, the original Shetland had to conform to American tastes. If you want a small,

An Overview of the American Paint Horse Association

An overview of the American Paint Horse Association (APHA) must begin with the sole purpose of the organization which is to preserve color and conformation in breed registration for Paint horses. The colorful spotted coat pattern is essential to the

The Marble Mystery of the Draft Breeds

There is a quote found on the American Boulonnais Horse Association that helps to paint a visual picture of this very distinctive and majestic animal. “He stands on the headland overlooking the choppy waters of the Channel, the salty sea

Top 5 Breeds of Trail Horses

Top Five Horse Breeds for Trail Riding If you know horses, you know that any horse can carry you down the trail. Each mount, no matter what breed, has his own strengths, personality and peculiarities. Sizing up a horse, of

Horse Breed Facts Haflinger

Origin: Austria, Northern Italy and Tyrol. Height: 138cm – 150cm (13.2 – 14.3 hands high). Color: Any shade of chestnut body that can range from light blonde to dark liver. The mane and tail is white to flaxen. Temperament: Intelligent,

Miniature Horses what Size Rider is appropriate

There is a good deal of debate on whether or not miniature horses should be ridden. It must be noted that miniature horses are not built the same as ponies and while some shorter ponies are still sturdy enough to

Germanys own Draft Horse the Rhineland

Draft horses were bred to be workhorses in earlier times. They were used to plow the fields, pull the carriages and haul the large loads. They had to be strong and hearty horses. The Rhineland Heavy Draft is a breed

Horse Breed Falabella

The Falabella is considered a horse, not a pony or miniature pony although, its average height is only 6 to 7 hands. The name derives from the family that developed the breed during the 19th century. This Argentinean breed has

Horse Breed Facts Rhineland Heavy Draft

–          History of the Rhineland Heavy Draft Horse Once the most common horses in Germany, the Rhineland heavy draft horse is now rare with roughly 2000 remaining worldwide. It was bred mainly from the Belgian Draft horse, yet has traits

The Heihe Horse Breed

China is credited with the invention of the stirrup and is rich in equestrian history. The country is huge with a large range of climates and geographical terrains. Many of the breeds that originated there have bloodlines that go back