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Welsh Pony

The Temperament of the Welsh Pony Welsh ponies are among the most popular breeds for children large and small, and for many adults as well. They have classic beauty, historic hardiness, above average intelligence, and a kind and trusting nature.

Horse Breed Facts Boulonnais

One of the most beautiful and elegant draft horse breeds, the Boulonnais is from the Boulogne area in northern France. With its snow white coat, luxurious mane and tail, and thick arched neck, these horses demand attention wherever they appear.

Messara Horses

The Messara horse, a native mountain type pony, is also known as the Cretan Horse – residing in Greece’s largest island in the southern region, usually to be found in the Heraklio Prefecture on the Mesara Plain; this is a very ancient

The White Marble Horse

The Boulannais, or White Marble Horse,” is from northern France. It is a heavy draft horse breed, which is usually gray, chestnut or black in color. This line of horse has been traced back to 55 to 54 BCE when

Horse Breed Facts Kathiawari

Fleet of foot and fiery of temperament, these qualities would make any horse breed an outstanding horse breed.  But the Kathiawari of India is best known – for its ears.  Known as “lyre ears”, they are long and curve inwards,

Horse Breed Gotland Pony

The Gotland pony, sometimes referred to as the Skogsruss or “Russ”, is a Sweden native. This breed’s name derives from the island of Gotland which is located off the Swedish coast and is considered the most ancient of all Scandinavian

Normandy Cob a Docile Beauty

The Normandy Cob breed has very long roots. Before the Roman Empire there was a small, yet very tough horse breed, the Bidet. During the Roman Empire they found a need to breed a stronger horse for war. Their answer

One of Englands most Beloved Steeplechasers

Desert Orchid, affectionately known as “Dessie”, was one of England’s most beloved racehorses. The grey thoroughbred gelding even had his own fan club, which was disbanded in the wake of Dessie’s death in 2006. Desert Orchid won the prestigious Cheltenham

Horse Breed Lithuanian Heavy Draft

The Lithuanian Heavy Draft horse is an enormously strong draft horse of great endurance. They have good longevity, reasonable fertility levels and an excellent temperament. The frame is massive and is supported by short, muscular legs. The Lithuanian Heavy Draft

Famous Horse Profiles Desert Orchid

In 2005, Britain’s popular Racing Post newspaper conducted a poll of the greatest horse races of all time, based on suggestions and votes from its readers. Coming out on top was the Cheltenham Gold Cup of 1989, won by the