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Facts about Angel Sharks

Angel Sharks are a genus of some of the more unusual sharks known to exist. The genus consists of sixteen different species of angel sharks and they all share some striking characteristics. They all have broad pectoral fins and a flattened body

How Fish Ladders Work

A fish ladder is a man-made structure designed to help protect the environment. Fish ladders work by creating artificial pathways through which fish can swim in order to spawn in the waters where they were born. These structures are essential

Angel Sharks

A rare genus of Sharks, the Angel shark, is a Shark with an unusually flat body. It also has wing-like fins, hence its name Angel shark. Its other names are monk shark, sand devil, and monkfish. Its scientific name is

Do Sharks Sleep

It is typical for humans to assume that some aspects of their behavior i.e. their habits are similar to that of animals, such as communicating, mating, sleeping, etc. Well, this is partially true. Although animals have their own way of

Sharks in the Mythology of Ancient Cultures

Sharks have been mention in the mythologies of ancient cultures and they have been seen as creatures worthy of worship and reverence. They have inspired fear in the past as they do today. Tales of sharks can be found in

Shhhthe Shark is Sleeping

Does the theme from Jaws pop into anyone’s head when the word shark is mentioned. Without a doubt, there is a certain element of fear that comes to mind whenever we hear about a shark attack on the six o’clock

The Sand Devil Angel

Sharks are known for their keen hunting abilities, sharp and deadly teeth. It seems a little odd that one would be called an Angel Shark. The name doesn’t come from some great behavior from this fish, but by its appearance.

The Megalodon

The megalodon is an extinct species of shark thought to have lived anywhere from 28-1.5 million years ago during the Cenozoic Era. The megalodon is considered as one of the largest and strongest predators ever to have existed. Fossil remains

Shark Myths do Sharks Sleep

The word shark conjures a lot of images in the minds of human beings. One of the first reactions to start hearing the Jaws theme playing in your head as you warily look around the water. Human beings have a

Examining the Image of Sharks as Dangerous

Given the nature of our undersea brethren it is no wonder people view sharks as man-eating, mindless stomachs. After all, who wants to be attacked, let alone thought of a shark’s next meal? However, there is something to be said