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Best Automatic Litter Box

Before looking for the BEST automatic litter box you must think about your cat, your home and price. Cats are not very social, but are very loving, but each one is different. The owner is most likely the closest person

Professional Pet Sitter Characteristics what to look for Pet Sitting Caring for Pets while away

If you have pets and want to be able to leave them in someone’s capable hands while you are on holiday, then you have probably considered either asking a friend or family member to call in and care for them,

Best Toys for Pet Rats

Rats can be truly underrated and misunderstood pets. They’re not just lab specimens anymore, rats as pets date back to the 1800s when rat catchers began to appear in order to contain the overpopulation of the species. Rats carry no

How to Tame an Animal

Taming a pet, is normally a long process, which involves slowly gaining the trust of your pet. An important thing to remember is that every animal is different and so the process of them gaining your trust will be varied depending

Monkeys Pets Biting Abuse

Monkeys are NOT pets. They are wild animals. Regardless of whether you raise them from 1 day old, when they reach sexual maturity, around 5 years old, give or take dependent upon species, they become wild animals. Reasons why monkeys

Why Cats Make Great Companions

Unconditional love is one of the greatest feelings you will ever experience. Love comes in many forms, but the love you receive from cats truly is unconditional. Cats make terrific companions. Studies have shown owning a pet such as a

Pets are you Ready to Bring an Animal Companion into your Life Animals Companions

There are many benefits to having an animal companion. It has been documented that those who have pets are generally happier, have lower stress levels/blood pressure and have a more positive outlook on life than those who don’t have a

Personality Differences Betweeen Cat and Dog Owners

Who are dog and cat owners out there? Well, if you are, then you should know the differences between your personality as cat and dog owner. According to the study, people who own cats have university degrees than those with

How to keep your Pet by Keeping your Landlord Happy

Being a tenant, you’ll be aware that not all landlords are tolerant when it comes to keeping animals in the property. If you’re fortunate enough to have found one, it is important to keep your landlord happy and minimise nuisance

When People Divorce who gets the Pets

When pet owners divorce it is very important that they think of what is right for the pet as much as anything else they are fighting over. Pets should not be thought of as disposable items, discarded when a marriage