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Which Makes a better Pet a Dog or a Cat a Dog Makes a better Pet Cat Dogs Great – Dog

In the ten years I have had my dog, I have watched her grow and change, not unlike a child. She has become more patient and well behaved than I ever could have imagined possible when she was a puppy.

Animal Enrichment Keeping your Pet Happy while You’re not Home

Pets are smart and social domestic versions of their wild ancestors, animals that led a busy life interacting socially and securing food and mates. Many of the pet behaviors that we may mistakenly interpret as vengeful misbehavior are typically products

Do we need Stronger Laws for Negligent Dog Owners – No

A brief but careful examination of federal, state and local laws governing the care, treatment and breeding of animals will show that there are sufficient statutes currently on the books to handle most if not all cases of negligent pet

Pet Ownership Caring for your Pet Understanding your Pet Concepts of Pet Ownership

Pet Ownership and What It Entails It doesn’t matter what kind of pet you own, the most important term you need to understand is responsibility. When and if you choose to keep a pet, you need to make sure you

Training Versus Behavior Modification

The short answer is simple. Training has to do with teaching new behaviors, whether with a young pet or one that is more mature. Behavior modification is aimed at modifying behavior that is unsatisfactory. Behavior modification involves un-training and re-training.

Tips for Choosing a new Family Pet

Too many people jump into choosing a pet on impulse. Deciding to bring a pet into your household shouldn’t be a matter of impulse. It should be a decision that is made only after considering precisely what you must do

Pet Sitter or Boarding Kennel who should Care for your Pet while You’re away – Kennel

I have always used a kennel for my dog, and I would trust them more to look after my dog while I was away than some strange pet sitter. Ideally, having the pet come with you, or having a family

How to Pick the right Pet for your Family

You may have come to the conclusion that you want to have a pet for your family and, provided that you are prepared to care for it, that is almost certainly a good idea. Owning a pet can teach your

Responsible Pet Ownership Tips

Responsible pet ownership is a subjective matter. Some individual’s compassion for others extends to animals and they do not hesitate to take in a stray or two, in addition to the pets they may already have, and provide them a

Should you use a Pet Sitter or a Kennel

Is It Better To Use A Pet Sitter, Or Take Your Pet To A Kennel? So, you’re going to take a vacation, but unfortunately, you can’t take your pet with you. What do you do? Do you hire a pet