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Pedigree Pet Foods

We love our cats. They become part of the family. We want a healthy family and there for we want healthy cats. We want a well balanced cat food to put in front of our feline friends at feeding time.

Product Review Safari Dog Nail Trimmer

One of the first skills I learned in 4-H was how to clip black dog toenails without accidentally cutting too far and hitting the quick. I never would have guessed then just how long that skill would have people knocking

Product Review Lixit Faucet Dog Waterer

So here I am in the middle of Wyoming with four dogs who stay outside while I’m at work. What sort of challenges does this pose? First, keeping water un-frozen in the winter at temperatures down to -10 (any colder

Natures Recipe Cat Food Cat Feline

As a owner of two finicky cats, I can say that I have bought just about every brand of cat food under the sun. My two cats are quite similar. Well, so it seemed. Until it became apparent that they

Cats Food Review Iams Dry Kitten Health

I have been feeding my cats Iams dry food for about seven years. I currently have four cats. Two of them are seven years old, one is three and the fourth is around seven months old. I originally purchased Iams

Cat Food Reviews Nutro Natural Choice Complete Care

My cat Creamsicle will practically eat anything that he can get a hold of at anytime. My shoes. Meow Mix. My dinner. You name it. He’ll usually eat it. Since he’ll eat practically anything I thought I could give the

Product Reviews Pedipaws Dog Nail Trimmer

I’m sure most of us are aghast at the prices of a dog’s nail trim at the veterinarians or dog groomers. In my city, nail trimming at my veterinarian’s is $8.00 per dog. May not seem like much to many

Pedipaws Review

My dog’s nails are clicking on my hardwood fllors as she runs across the dining room , leaving my iwfe some nice scratchs in the oak flooring to polish out, and me with a headache as my wife yells” You

Dog Nail Trims Nails Pedipaws Dremel Dog Nails Dog Nail Trim

For many pet owners, trimming your dog’s nails can be a complete nightmare. There are many aspects of trimming nails that can be scary for both the owner and the pet. Some dogs are very uncomfortable with their feet being

Pedi Paws Nail Trimmer

Pedi Paws is this supposedly terrific nail trimmer for pets. It operates on batteries and the sanding disk is supposed to make trimming your pet’s nails simple, quick and pain free for the pet. I have watched all of the