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Comparing Puppy Training Pads

Product Comparisons on Puppy Training Pads is a no-brainer. Although they are all called Puppy Training Pads, I use them for my grown dogs. When I was working and away from home for 10 to 12 hours, my pets were

Pedipaws Product Review

PediPaws dog nail trimmer has become one of the newest dog accessories advertised on television. The product raves that PediPaws “is the revolutionary nail trimmer for your dog or cat.” These types of grooming accessories are designed for pet owners

Meow Mix

Do you have a very picky eater for a cat? If you do it might be a good idea to try Meow Mix. Meow Mix is a delectable mixture of bite sized pieces of meat in rich gravy. Unlike other

Cat Food Reviews Innova Natura

Innova Evo cat food is for cats without medical conditions such as kidney problems that could lead to failure or any disease that could be triggered by a high protein diet. This diet is comparable to a raw cat food

Cat Food Reviews Friskies Dry

Cats in general can be difficult to please, but Friskies Dry Cat Food does a pretty good job in keeping our 2 cats well-fed and healthy. Comparable to most other similarly priced cat food, Friskies does well in the area

Natural Cat Food Review

Evolve Pet Food’s Natural Cat Food is a meat-based product for owners who prefer exceptional quality and nutrition for the vitality and health of their favorite felines. Evolve is very proud of their complex blends of premium formulas for the

Trimming your Pets Nails

Keeping our furry, four-legged companions happy and healthy is our primary goal, right? What if one aspect of that goal feels like an impossible task? It’s not uncommon for pet owners to face difficulty when it comes to nail trimming.

Cat Food Reviews Max Cat

Max Cat carries several brands of cat food. They offer formulas for kittens, adults, seniors and cats with health problems such as weight problems and kidney problems. All the basic formulas as mentioned above are available in the dry formula.

How to Feed a Cat Correctly

Many people get entirely to wrapped up in the food they feed their cats. While I will concede that there is a need for a variety of special diets for various health issues, my sense is we need to fully

What is the Litter Robot

Are you sick of scooping or emptying out your cat litter box every day or every other day? If so, you might be interested in a self-cleaning litter box. While there are several brands of self-cleaning litter boxes on the