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What People can Learn from Pets and Animals

It’s hard to imagine life without some furry companion in the household. My family has always included some sort of pet, and I think every animal in our lives has a lot of wisdom to share with us.  Cats can

The Dangers of using Human Toothpaste on Pets

There is a reason that dogs have their own toothpaste and it has absolutely nothing to do with the fact the pet industry can charge more for a pet product. toothpaste actually poses a threat to a dog. Human toothpaste

Squirrels with a Sense of Humor – Yes

Resting on the magnificent crest of the Hudson River, Nyack College is an Oasis for anyone who loves a good water front view. Lavish green grass and beautiful majestic trees cover the campus and add to the surreal surrounding the

Five Unusual Pets that are Great with Children

Pets and kids can be tricky. If you’re looking for something a bit more exotic than a cat, dog or goldfish, here are some suggestions to consider. Potbellied pigs, ant farms, iguanas, chinchillas and sugar gliders. Having a potbellied pig

Animal Companions – Yes

Nearly anyone who has ever owned a pet could easily tell you that most definitely, animals can be a friend to humans.  Most often this will be a dog, and after all, aren’t dogs known as “Man’s Best Friend”?  Perhaps

Patient Training Results in a Happy well Mannered Dog

A dog is a long-term investment. Buying the dog, doggy accessories, food and veterinary care are just the beginning. In order to be well-mannered and happy, a dog requires a substantial amount of focused attention from his human family on a

What can Animals Teach us about Humanity

When we think of what we can learn from pets and animals we may think of scientific facts, such as their diet, their habits, and so forth. We can also think of things they can teach us about understanding ourselves

Pets that Enjoy Hot Weather

People that live in an area where the climate is usually over 100 degrees and dry, may be difficult for them to find a pet that can live in these conditions. A cat couldn’t survive in hot weather all day

Animals and Pets can be Friends to People – Yes

The Merriam-Webster on-line dictionary defines a friend as “one that is attached to another by affection or esteem, one that is not hostile, and/or a favored companion”. Indeed some animals can fit into these defined rules of being a friend.

What to do if you Spot an Injured Wild Animal in your Area

These days, many humans are co-habitating with nature, especially in suburban areas. While it is nice to have a live sample of the Discovery Channel in your back yard, do remember that these animals are wild, and shouldn’t be handled