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Animal Sense of Humor – Yes

Do Animals Have a Sense of Humor? I once read about a behavioral study of crows. I forget what the objective was, but the report described some birds’ habit of waiting for unsuspecting humans to walk beneath a tree they

Is my Horse Laughing at me behind my Back do Animals have a Sense of Humor – Yes

Pets, including animals we have a working relationship with, do present an issue of emotions. Humor, the ability to express an activity that results in enjoyment by us, is one of them. Working with horses you can often observe a

Pets and Animals Mans best Friend Animal Service Animal Qualities a Childs best Friend Pets – Yes

Can an animal really be your friend? I feel bad for anyone who might answer this question with a “no.”  They either had an animal that was more to them than just an animal, or were never allowed to have

What to consider when looking for an Apartment Friendly Pet

Many people consider pets to be a part of the family. Pets are included in the annual Christmas card, photos of pets adorn picture frames around the house and they even wear clothes. Pets differ between species, breeds and even

What we can Learn from Pets and Animals

Pets can add an incredible depth to our lives and intellect, that is, if we are wise enough to take the time to study their innate intelligence. Animals have a wisdom in viewing the universe that humans can only dream

Why Bees Swarm

A swarm of bees leaving their hive is attention-getting and a little frightening. Generally, there is little reason to be frightened, as bees swarm as a way of reproducing a honey bee colony. The swarm may have one of several

Animals and Emotions – Yes

Animals definitely have a sense of humor. There have been historical examples shown, but most people will agree from personal experience. Being around dogs and cats as a child they often drove my family crazy with their shenanigans. Afterwards they

Cat with a Sense of Humor – Yes

I definitely believe at least some pets do have a sense of humor. Like people, some have sarcastic humor, some slapstick. We recently inherited a young male yellow tabby from my stepdaughter who was pretty feisty to say the least.

Pets and Emotions Sense of Humor – Yes

Animals have a sense of humor, but what is funny to them may not be so funny to you. One of the most common tricks that all kinds of animals like to play on us is hiding things. Nothing pleases

Animals and their Sense of Humor – Yes

Most animals have a sense of humor. Take for instance my cat. He wandered up in our front yard at about 3 months old and waited by the front door as my father approached with the key. My father unlocked