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How to Care for a Jersey Wooly Rabbit

A small breed of rabbits, Jersey Wooly is a sweet tempered rabbits. The small size of the jersey woolies make them ideal for all types and ages of rabbit lovers. Like all other pets, jersey woolies also need special care

How to Care for a Lionhead Rabbit

Lionhead rabbits require a hutch; it is available ready made as well as it can be made at home. Lionhead rabbits require plenty of space to move around and exercise. You can keep a pair of lionhead bunnies in a

Cold Weather Tips for Outdoor Pet Rabbits

Most people advocate for all pets to be kept inside during the cold months of winter but if they are use to being outside you can be influenced by the pets themselves especially pet rabbits. Rabbits are sometimes happier outside

How to Care for a Flemish Giant Rabbit

Flemish giant breed of rabbits came officially into the world in the late 16th century. Native to Argentine it was brought to Europe by traders. Originally the Flemish giant rabbit was of grey color and weighed 14 lbs. it had

Behavior Traits of Rabbits

Bunnies are such entertaining little creatures! One of the most adorable and endearing traits that rabbits have is to “binkie”. Don’t ask me why it’s called that, I have no idea. To Binkie, is to get an uncontrollable burst of

Gift Ideas for the Lover of Rabbits

Finding the right gift for the rabbit lover isn’t as hard as one may think. There a bevy of rabbit themed gifts that will please any rabbit lover you know. Here are several gift ideas for the lover of rabbits in your

Why Rabbits Thump their Feet

As a rule, rabbits are not very vocal, but that doesn’t mean they aren’t quite capable of getting their point across when they need to. One effective means of communication all rabbits seem to use instinctively is thumping. Anyone who’s

Caring for Mini Lop rabbits

Caring for certain types of rabbits is often easier said than done, that is of course if you have no idea how to care for a rabbit! Rabbits are actually easy to care for and provide a lot of fun

Taking care of an older rabbit

Owners of pet rabbits have to pay special attention as their rabbit ages to ensure the animal’s continued good health, and there are a few basic tips to care for older rabbits that combine a small amount of knowledge with

The Angora rabbit

The American Rabbit Breeders’ Association (ARBA) recognises four individual types of Angora rabbits. Although there are other domestic Angora types such as German, Chinese and Swiss, the ‘official’ types are the English, French, Giant and Satin. Like the cat and