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Angora rabbit care

Angora rabbits are not only beautiful but are relatively easy to care for. Their long, fluffy coats make them one of the cutest rabbits for a pet. All Angora rabbits need is a cage, grooming, exercise, a well- balanced diet

Rabbit Breed Profile Creme Dargent

The Creme D’Argent rabbit originates from France, only having been a part of North American rabbit culture for less than 100 years. Along with the Champagne D’Argent, the Creme D’Argent was imported into the United States and is considered a

How to breed rabbits

There’s a reason for the saying, “breeding like rabbits,” when referring to couples with many children. In the world of Flopsy and Mopsy, one plus one equals 200 over one. This isn’t new math. It’s the calculation of the 198

Rabbit nutrition

Most veterinarians have a much greater knowledge and understanding of cats and dogs, than other pets such as rabbits. In fact, there hasn’t been a great deal of research on rabbit nutrition. It is therefore easily within the realms of

What is an Elfin rabbit

When this writer saw that the Elfin rabbit was bred for sporting events, she thought that they were raised like the San Juan rabbits for training sporting dogs. As she did more research, she discovered that the breed was developed

Maintaining a rabbit hutch

Rabbits can be wonderful pets and companions for any animal lover, and the ability to maintain a rabbit hutch correctly can ensure that your furry friend is comfortable and happy at all times. Most rabbits spend the majority of their

The Dutch rabbit

The Dutch rabbit is a most distinguished looking bunny and remains one of the ten most popular breeds. Despite the name, the Dutch rabbit was developed in England from the Petite Brabancon which often had similar markings. With his striking

The cons of owning a rabbit

There are many disadvantages of owning a rabbit. It is not the same as owning a dog or cat which are common pets. People do not consider the rabbit to be a popular pet, and these creatures can be a

Which rabbit breeds are the friendliest

If you’re looking for a new pet, why not try having a rabbit? Bunnies are great pets and are usually calm and easy to take good care of. They are a popular pet for children for many years and not

What causes aggressive behavior in rabbits

It is very difficult for some owners to realize that their cute, cuddly bunny can become aggressive. Rabbits are not born aggressive so there is a reason for their aggressiveness. Trying to figure out just what the problem is can