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Care and Keeping of the False Water Cobra Hydrodynastes Gigas

General Care and Keeping of False Water Cobras Hydrodinastes gigas False Water Cobras are one of the largest colubrid (egg laying) snakes in the world. Adults can attain sizes of eight feet or longer and weigh over ten pounds. These

Care and Maintainence of the False Water Cobra Hydrodinastes Gigas

The False Water cobra is a member of the colubridea family. The Colubrids consist of some 305 Genera, and 1,858 species of snakes living today. If a snake does not fit into any other family exactly, it is thrown into

Savannah Monitors

With the increased interest in dinosaurs, lizards have become popular. Owning a Savannah monitor can be a hefty responsibility and should be reserved for a more experience reptile owner. * Savannah Monitors can grow up to 5 feet in length

Goanna Monitor Lizard

“Goanna” is the term used to describe any Australian Monitor Lizards from the Varanus genus, as well as other species which are found in South Asia. There are about 30 known species of Monitor Lizard, or Goanna, 25 of which

Caring for a Savannah Monitor

What you should know if a Savanah Monitor catches a cold. Seriously, George, incidentally named after ‘George of the Jungle’, caught a cold. Snot bubbles and all just like a baby. I had to call a veteranarian to see what

Caring for Veiled Chameleons

The veiled chameleon is native to the Middle East and has become one of the most commonly bred, sold and owned chameleons of the species. The growing popularity of this chameleon is due largely in part by its’ beauty and

Treating Cuts and Scrapes Pet Snakes

Sometimes even pet snakes can get into trouble and injure themselves just like any animal. Of course prevention is always better than a cure, so firstly make sure that there are no protruding nails or screws anywhere in the enclosure

Reptile Facts Chameleons

There are one hundred fifty eight species of Chameleons all belonging to the family Chamaeleonidae. Chameleons mature from one to two years of age and the lifespan of the species is not known in the wild but in zoos it

Preventing Snake Bites in the Wild

Snake bites are still a common cause of death in the tropical countries in which many people are involved with farming and forest related industries. The main reason for these gruesome encounters for both parties is the invasion of a

Caring for Panther Chameleons

From the island of Madagascar comes one of the most brilliant chameleons of the species, the Panther chameleon. Changing color with its environment, the colors of the Panther chameleon are bright and vibrant. They feature bulging, cone-shaped eyes that move