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Saving money owning a hamster

Potential owners of hamsters can often be surprised how such a small animal is able to quickly rack up such a big bill at the pet store. Pet stores sell aisles full of all manner of cages, food and toys

Cleaning your hamster cage properly

One problem that hamsters don’t run into in the wild is where to use the facilities. To keep their nests clean, they usually take care of business while covering their extensive territories in their nightly scavenging or in the tunnel

The Chinese hamster

Originating from Northern China and Mongolia, the Chinese hamster belongs to a group known as rat-like hamsters. They are also known as the Striped hamster or the Chinese Striped hamster. With a slender mouse-like body, short nose, stocky legs and

What you pay to own a guinea pig

It is important to remember that, while getting started with a guinea pig can be relatively cheap compared to a cat or dog (cavies don’t need shots and usually don’t need to be neutered or spayed), cavies live for an

Choosing the right exercise wheel for your hamster

Hamsters love to run! Wild hamsters run for miles during the night as they forage for food but your pet hamster will do the majority of his running inside his cage on whichever exercise item you supply. Choosing the correct

How to Earn the Trust of a Pet Rat

Most rats love people. Some might be shy at first, but most of them tend to come around quickly. Earning their trust is a good part of that, but not all of it. After all, their disposition is often a

The Roborovski Hamster

The smallest and most anti-social of the breeds of hamster now found as pets, the Roborovski hamster still retains most of its wild ways and only barely tolerates the existence of humans. Also known as the easier to pronounce names

Hamsters and the correct exercise wheel

Hamsters are busy, active rodents. In the wild hamsters have been known to run five, or more, miles per night in search of food while patrolling their territory. While this type of exercise is not available to domesticated hamsters, it

How to Catch an Escaped Hamster

Hamsters will chew and gnaw and nudge and bite, just to get out of their confinement to go adventuring through your home at night. Many the time I got up in the morning, only to realize that the hamster had

How to take care of your hamsters teeth

Having healthy teeth is very important for your hamster for many reasons. Their teeth are their main tools – they use them to gnaw on their mostly hard food diet, carry things from place to place, and shred objects to