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Tips for Keeping Hamsters as Pets

Hamsters are mammals which belong to the rodent family. The word “hamster” comes from the German word “hamstern” which means “to hoard”. Hamsters have very poor eye sight but excellent hearing and sense of smell. Hamsters are nocturnal which means

How to Care for a Pregnant Rat

Your pet rat may be pregnant because of an accident, because you bought her that way, or on purpose. If it was on purpose I want to take a quick moment to suggest that breeding rats (and other small animals)

A guide to caring for a gerbil

As far as rodents go, gerbils are one of the friendliest around. This writer had gerbils throughout her childhood, and she loved caring for them. They are low maintenance for the most part, at least compared to dogs and other

Taking care of your hamsters teeth

Hamsters’ teeth grow throughout their lives, unlike human teeth. They are even born with a full set of teeth. This is a great advantage for critters that constant grind away at incredibly hard food. Hamsters always had the teeth to

Basics for Owning a Rat

Rats make great pets. They are friendly, love people, enjoy playing, and can be extremely lovable. They are easy to take care of, and after you have paid to set up their homes, they are inexpensive. They can be a

Cleaning a hamster cage

Hamsters are basically clean animals with little to no body odor, therefore any odors that come from their cage are usually from dirty bedding and not your pet. The healthy hamster’s cage should be cleaned once a week. It is

How to Choose a Pet Rat

Pet rats can be purchased from breeders, however this is often a long process. Many times it requires an application, waiting for a litter, and picking your rat up, which is often a drive. Some pet stores now offer pet

Why two gerbils are better than one

Gerbils are a very social, very active rodent species that can be found living in the drier regions of Africa and Asia. Wild gerbils tend to live in colonies whereas domesticated gerbils kept as pets do much better in groups

Ideas to name your guinea pig

It can be hard to name a new pet, especially a guinea pig – the options are so endless it’s easy to draw a total blank. For a clever, fitting name, hours can be spent brainstorming alone and with friends,

How to Give your Pet Rat a Bath

Giving your pet rat can be easy and fun, or it can be a pain. It really depends on your rats’ personality, enjoyment of water, and how you treat the situation. You have several options and can try different ones