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Trimming a cows hoof

When taking on the task of trimming a cow’s hoof, you will find that it’s very labor intensive. Do your research and understand what the cow’s hoof shape is, before you start trimming. When the hoof is trimmed with a

Stress and your pets health

Stress is negative feedback received by a pet. For instance, when a dog is under stress, the body goes into an altered state and this affects various physical functions within the body. Continued exposure to negative stress factors will ultimately

Sheep breeding basics

Healthy, fast-growing lambs are the goal of sheep breeders. Sheep may be raised for wool, meat and/or milk production and all require basic care to successfully produce lambs. Careful selection of ewes and rams for breeding is a necessity. The

ASPCA: Overview of pet insurance

Just as you protect your loved ones against the unexpected with insurance polices, you can also protect your beloved pets with pet insurance coverage. Pet insurance works in the same way as it does for its human counterparts; you purchase

Does my pet have an ear ache

Pets who have ear aches could be suffering from any number of problems. The cause could be an insect inside the ear, or could be a serious infection. Knowing when your pet has an ear ache is very important because

Signs your pet could have an upset stomach

Your pet’s digestive system is not like a humans, whether your pet is a canine, cat, snake or whatever pet you choose. Your pets are the best fed and most expensively fed and as pet owners will agree, overfed. So

What is ringworm in pets

Ringworm, the name strikes horror in the heart of pet owners. Ring worm is not a worm at all, but rather it is a fungal infection. The correct name is Dermatophytosis, and it is contagious to humans. Symptoms Ringworm is

Facts about rabies

Rabies is a deadly virus. Rabies can be caught and carried by any warm-blooded mammal. In humans it can take as long as a year or more for any sign of rabies to appear. Because rabies is such a potentially

White nose syndrome in bats

“It struck me, as I stood there holding a bag with several dozen stiff, almost weightless bats, that I was witnessing mass extinction,” so states a recent entry from an eyewitness account of the recent disappearance of bats numbering in

Internal parasites found in pets

An unwelcome and invisible guest may be residing in your pet. If a pet is hosting a dangerous parasite party, it is important to understand and know the different types of internal parasites so you can act quickly. These parasites